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Should criminals who won't pay fines be forced to donate blood?


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May 13, 2012
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I don't care about the rights of criminals, but i do wonder about the quality of blood you get from these people. Most of them are drug-head blacks with aids.

Alabama judge: Can't pay fine? Give blood or go to jail

oct 20 2015 On Sept. 17, Perry County Circuit Judge Marvin Wiggins gave two options to those unable to afford their court fees: give blood or go to jail.

Yesterday, the Southern Poverty Law Center filed an ethics complaint with the Judicial Inquiry Commission against the circuit judge for what SPLC Deputy Legal Director Sam Brooke called a “violation of bodily integrity.”

“It’s shocking to say that to avoid jail, you have to give blood,” Brooke said Tuesday. “It’s fundamentally at odds with how the system is supposed to work.”

Judge Wiggins could not be reached and the court clerk declined comment, but SPLC obtained an audio recording of Wiggins making the ultimatum.

“There’s a blood drive outside if you do not have any money, and you don’t want to go to jail,” Wiggins is heard saying at the Marion, Ala., courthouse. “As an option to pay, you can give blood today. If you don’t have any money, go out there and give blood, and bring in a receipt indicating that you did give blood. Consider that as a discount rather than putting you in jail, if you do not have any money.

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