...said he is worth $10,000,000,000 (with a 'B')...but can't.....

What does a carney ride have to do with a hotel?... not one case will end up getting Trump... all will be overturned... all of this lawfare is being conducted by the white house and when Trump wins I wouldn't want to be that lawyer who us handling the cases for Biden.... Covelo I think his name is....

Your inability to comprehend even the simplest of legal concepts is telling indeed. Stop wasting our time with your legally ignorant and stupid comments.
He didn't lie... he made his estimate on what its worth and told the banks to do their own assessment which they did and still approved the loans....
Please look up the word lie....

He LIED. He gave them a figure he KNEW to be wrong so he could get a better deal. That's FRAUD. The bank's can't DO their own assessment if the figures he gives them are LIES.

That's why it's ILLEGAL. You have to have a mental disability to continue to claim he did nothing wrong.
Something seems to be amiss.

Don Trump not that long ago said he was worth $10 billion.
Now, today he says he can't raise either the $464 million in cash, or $10% of that for a bond......while he appeals the fraud judgement against him.

Now, why?
Did he squander about $9 billion since he claimed he had 10 billion?
If he did, how?
Was he fibbing about the $10 billion?
And if he was....why?

Or, is he fibbing now about being unable raise the significantly less than a billion the court says he owes.

Seems there are some unanswered questions here.

Will the DA begin seizure actions?
If so, which properties are most easily seized and most likely to be surety for the $464,000,000 the court says he owes.

And, how does his failure to raise the required court-ordered monies in this case impact the awards in the E. Jean Carroll cases?
Leftwingers: "Trump is poor." "Trumi is rich" "Trump is poor." "Trump is rich".,......

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