Sadly...gun suicide rate is down...well...sad for anti gunners...their meme is damaged...


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Jul 19, 2014
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Yes....according to the CDC suicide by gun is down among the young.....and since the anti gunners have to pad their gun death numbers by using suicide....they will be sad to learn this.....

CDC Suicide by Firearm Down for 10 - 24-Year-Olds - The Truth About Guns

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have just released their report Suicide Trends Among Persons Aged 10–24 Years — United States, 1994–2012. “Suicide is the second leading cause of death among persons aged 10–24 years in the United States and accounted for 5,178 deaths in this age group in 2012,” the report states. “Firearm, suffocation (including hanging), and poisoning (including drug overdose) are the three most common mechanisms of suicide in the United States . . . Among males aged 10–24 years . . .

firearm was the leading mechanism of suicide, whereas, among females, suffocation surpassed firearm in 2001 as the leading mechanism. In general, firearm suicide rates decreased and suffocation suicide rates increased, while rates for suicide by poisoning decreased slightly and rates for suicide by all other mechanisms combined remained relatively unchanged . . .
Gosh darn it.....anti gunners need more dead children at the hands of guns.......they are the best way to scare people into giving up their rights.........

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