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Russia. Chemodanovka. Russians against gypsies.


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Sep 19, 2008
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Gypsies are not welcome in politically incorrect Russia. Russians are not so dumb like western folks, do not allow gypsies to rape, to robe and to murder other Russians.
Stupid Putin allowed rubbish from the former USSR entry the country. It's looks like the tolerance of Russians is finished.Russia belongs to Russians, not to gypsies, Caucasians, democrats, the Fifth Column, Asians or Africans. Russia badly needs the true national government which represents interests of Russian people.

The armed conflict between the natives and the Gypsies occurred in the center of the village. Eyewitnesses reported that the altercation turned into a real massacre with knives, axes and even firearms. To a local hospital with stab wounds was delivered to three local residents.
According to one of the residents, so the villagers trying to protect their children, to which the Gypsies began to stick as well as women. According to one version, the cause of the conflict was the attempted rape of a Roma one of the local residents.

In Russia may start riots: residents of a village "declared war" Gypsies (video) | The Gal Post

The victim died in a fight with Gypsies in the village near Penza

In the village Chemodanovka, Penza region one of the victims died as a result of conflict with local residents and the Gypsies. This publication reports PenzaNews with reference to senior assistant of the head of the regional Department of the Investigative Department on interaction with mass-media Tatyana Magnitsky.
According to her, the man 1985 year of birth died on Friday evening, June 14. Previously, he was hospitalized with a traumatic brain injury.
Makhnitsky added that on a scene continues to work the operative group. Criminal case about deliberate causing of heavy harm to health, entailed on imprudence death of the victim
Earlier in a meeting of the inhabitants of the village Chemodanovka, which discusses the conflict with the Gypsies, arrived the Governor of the Penza region Ivan Belozertsev. He said that the regional Directorate of the interior Ministry will check all visitors. “The one who is guilty in the tragedy, will be in prison, the other will not” — said the Governor.
The people’s Assembly in Chemodanivka began the evening of June 14. The rural house of culture gathered dozens of people, besides the Governor, there came the local officials and the acting chief of the regional police.
About the conflict of inhabitants of the Penza villages with Gypsies became known on June 14. How to write subscribers in the Penza communities in social networks, the villagers stood up for children, to which the Gypsies allegedly began to “massively interfered”. According to them, the result of the mass brawl injured at least three local residents, was hospitalized with stab wounds. What is happening there has been dubbed the “war.”
According to another version, earlier Gypsies had tried to rape one of the local residents probably minor. As a result, the villagers decided to stand up for her.

The victim died in a fight with Gypsies in the village near Penza | Russian news EN

Putin is to weak and shall resign.
Wladimir Kvachkov for Russian President!

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