Robert Kennedy On Cuomo's Program He Still Is A Conspiracy Theorist!


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Jun 6, 2007
Robert Kennedy appeared tonight on the Chris Cuomo program on NewsNation where he again showed why he shouldn't run for President he just doesn't have the judgment of a first rate candidate! Cuomo really spot lighted the weakness in Kennedy's candidacy that he is given to conspiracy theories, America has deep rooted serious problems we can't have a President wasting time and effort on conspiracy theories that have nothing to them! Chris brought up Robert Kennedy's reputation that he questions the government's account of 9-11. Robert foolishly did not address it head on he said things like I never posited a different theory; Robert should have taken the lay-up that was open to him and said yes I believe al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden were behind it the hijackers were from the Middle East mostly from Saudi Arabia and the evidence tracks that the hijackers were funded and directed by al Qaeda. Robert also said the policy of mandating masks was wrong and the policy of shutdowns was wrong. Maybe the government was wrong in degree but in essence the science and facts unequivocally supported these policies to some degree. The Covid disease was spread through respiratory particles masks helped reduce the spread of those respiratory particles, the lockdowns were often implemented because local hospitals were at or near capacity the lockdowns slowed the spread of the disease and often insured people that did get Covid and needed hospitals could find one. The Covid vaccine's promise was never that it would stop people from getting the Covid virus the promise was that it would facilitate the vaccine recipient's immune system in generating antibodies quickly so that the virus illness would not be that bad which it did; why Robert holds strong reservations about the covid vaccine is concerning as his dabbling on the edges of many other conspiracy theories. Robert overplays President Biden's attacks on free speech early in his administration, Congress needs to pass legislation stopping any future President from pulling a stunt like the Biden administration did suppressing debate on science about a major health issue but Biden isn't obstructing or wrecking America's Democracy in this area look at this year election for crying out loud the debate is robust (If America could only find a good candidate, no good centrist/moderate presidential caliber leaders left in America, are we no longer a great people is it time to say it's over for America)! Robert just isn't of the caliber on this front of someone who should be President of the United States, the top leader of the Free World. Robert Kennedy is a good guy has some good ideas and would make a great host of a roundtable talk show like Bill Moyer's or the late John McLaughlin's but President of the United States not a good fit not his role!
Oh look another paid shill for the has to be a dumbfuck to call rfk a conspiracy theorist the fact thst all the Dallas doctors said the entrance wound came to the front of the head and even the hsca concluded the Warren commission was wrong that there were two shooters,major fail in your propaganda paid trollboy. :rofl: You and cuomo are the conspiracy theorists believing in magic bullets. :rofl: :laughing0301:

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