Rightist Maggot Punches Hispanic Worker In The Back Of The Head 'This Is For Trump'


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Jun 25, 2016
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Caleb J. Illig was charged with simple battery after he struck a man in the back of the head and yelled, “This is for Trump” on Nov. 10, a Gainesville Police report said. Sunday morning, the University of Florida Delta Tau Delta chapter reported someone spray-painted a swastika and hateful rhetoric on their house and broke windows.

A man of Hispanic heritage was cleaning a parking lot Nov. 10 outside of the Gate Food Post at 3001 NW 13th St. where he worked. The report said about 1:30 a.m., Illig approached the man from behind and punched him in the back of the head, then yelled “Let’s Trump down.”

The Gate Food Post employee asked why Illig punched him, and Illig responded “This is for Donald Trump” and continued to punch him several times. The report said the employee did not hit back, but instead tried to avoid the punches. Another employee who witnessed the battery intervened.

Man beaten, frat house defaced in politics-laced crimes

Stay safe out there folks, the Trump degenerates are on a rampage across the country...
At this point we can just assume these are all hoaxes, until proven otherwise. You lefties constantly make this shit up.
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We can assume that these attacks are indeed criminal attacks and let the legal approach takes its course.

Anyone who knowingly, voluntarily, and willfully tries to interfere with the course of the law, through physical action or other means, can be charged with obstruction of lawful acts.

Be careful.
That's fucking sad.
But sytfe, don't be coy.
Stay safe out there folks, the Trump degenerates are on a rampage across the country...
Anti trump people are burning, beating, stealing and actually killed a guy.
So we've got one letter out there saying Trump is going to burn all the Muslims, and now we have one guy who has punched a Mexican in the back of the head.
Definitely heading into the abyss.
The left fully supports minorities running around bullying and attacking people. But if whites do it to them, oh boy, the outrage! How dare they use our tactics against us!

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