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Nosmo King
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  • It has nothing to do with content. The board admin is rewarding bad behavior. I like rewards. It's nothing personal against you. Fridays, and Mondays are neg rep days!!
    I don't want to brag! If I keep posting pictures of the flowers, folks will think I have nothing else going on! Thanks for the compliment. I did send a copy to Miracle Gro and they sent me a $5.00 coupon.
    Nosmo King, those flowers are gorgeous. I hope you put them at the Coffee Shop where everyone can enjoy them!
    I live in northeast Ohio right on the Ohio River. Pop used to say that the only thing that should be planted before Mother's Day are sweet peas. He said to plant them on St. Patrick's Day under the light of the moon. I think I'll wait another two weeks before I buy the flowers this Spring. Better safe than sorry. I put in a border of impatiens along the front porch. That's three flats just for the border. Four window boxes hang on the railing of the front porch and they are two at 44" long and two at 36" long. It takes 5 cubic feet of potting soil to fill them and usually $100 worth of flowers. Too much to risk just to get a jump on the season.
    "One of the local greenhouses is now open and selling annuals. Too early?" It depends on the state. Somewhere your state or state college agriculture department should have a last frost date in history for the vicinity. Even so, it pays to save old plastic gallon jugs of water or milk, cut the bottoms off, and cover the flowers for a few days. Also, they should know if there are frequent spring hail storms in your area. That is when the plastic is a Godsend. :)
    Oh yes it has! Thankfully our snowfall totals are low for the season, so there wasn't much to melt. :)
    Thank you for the reps & prayers Nosmo
    My prayers for your Mom also.
    I got quite a few more gray hairs out of this operation with worry. :)
    I hope your Mom does well and Her's isn't so bad. Can you imagine 4 hernias? Man O Man.
    There was a lot of flodding in the area. we made out fine, no issues. My son was supposed to fly back from poland on Saturday. he was delayed until Tuesday. other than that just a few minor inconvenieneces.
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