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Republican stages of grief


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Jul 27, 2020
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It's possible the GOP could win again, but instead of simply bashing the Liberals, first they need to look hard at what they're trying to sell America's voters, because right now most of them are not buying it. Republicans are losing the votes of women, minorities, and young people, and are fast becoming a party of angry, old white men. Republicans have won the popular vote only twice in the last 32 years; their recent victories held together by district gerrymandering and voter suppression tactics. Soon, even that won't be enough to keep them in power. Demographic's and voter preferences are changing, if the GOP doesn't moderate their views, and change with the times, they risk becoming only a regional party dominated by southern white men.

As long as the duopoly exists the GOP has a chance to win every two years. Its a matter of “when” not “if” the republicans are voted back into power. If enough of the electorate turns against the Democratic Party, the focus will be them, not necessarily what the other party did or didn’t do prior. The Republican Party is not going to change its tactics or lack there of until several elections in a row are lost.

Sell? Republicans offer jobs and opportunities for individuals to be responsible for themselves.....so of course the Dim dregs have no interest in any of that!

I understand that, but if the party continues to lose voters, job opportunities and individual responsibility may not be enough to win elections.
Then the country is lost to the new Gestapo who love the fact nobody wants to work and waits at home for welfare checks.

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