Report at UN details Oct. 7 ‘sadistic sex crimes' by pAlEStInIaN racist Arabs

We are not children.

We all know the terrorists rape women (and sometimes men).

The terrorists come from countries where they are taught not to touch "good" women until marriage.

So when they have hostages, they naturally become tumescent and ...

First of all, natives fighting for liberation are not "terrorists" any more than the French Resistance were "terrorists" during WWII.
Second is that this was all done in public, so rape was pretty much impossible.
There are no witnesses claiming anything was ever seen by anyone.
So there were no rapes.
Israel's claims have no basis in fact.
I hope they are trialed and executed for crimes against humanity.

Would you execute the French Resistance for murdering Nazis in WWII?
The guilt is with Israel for stealing 85% of Palestine, and starving them by preventing trade, access to their farms, water, pastures, etc.
Hamas terrorists 'systematically and intentionally' committed sexual violence during Oct. 7 attack: report.
The report concluded that Hamas in some cases tied up victims and made their families watch.
February 21, 2024
By Peter Aitken , Yonat Friling Fox News
Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Hamas terrorists ‘systematically and intentionally’ committed sexual violence during Oct. 7 attack: report
February 21, 2024

The Association of Rape Crisis Centers of Israel (ARCCI) released a comprehensive report detailing the sexual crimes committed “systematically and intentionally” during the Hamas attack on Oct. 7, 2023.

“The information and testimonies we provide clarify beyond any doubt what occurred, but significant parts of the story are still ahead of us,” Orit Sulitzeanu, executive director of the ARRCI, wrote in the opening remarks of the “Silent Cry” report. The ARCCI is an umbrella organization of Israel’s regional rape crisis centers.

“Since sexual assault typically involves delayed disclosure, especially during wartime, the picture presented in the report is still preliminary,” Sulitzeanu warned. “In the months and years to come, depending on the choices of the survivors, we may be able to bring a fuller story of the sexual assaults on Oct. 7 and thereafter to the fore.”

The report found that the Hamas attack included violent rape – often involving threats with weapons – and that many of those rapes occurred collectively, with collaboration among the perpetrators and sometimes conducted in front of witnesses, including family members.


The rapists would sometimes engage in what the report called “sadistic practices,” which included binding and tying up the victims, mutilating genital organs – including severed breasts – and using weapons as part of the rape.

The report cited a New York Times interview with four Nova festival rescue workers who described finding women’s bodies with spread legs, without underwear and with hands bound behind their backs.

These “sadistic practices” aimed to increase the victim’s humiliation, and in many cases the rapists would subsequently kill the victims.


The attacks occurred wherever Hamas found women: Investigators found violated bodies of female soldiers at the Shura military base, at the various kibbutzes where Hamas attacked civilians, at the Nova music festival and in some cases during “captivity.”

“From the testimonies and information provided, it emerges that the sexual assaults committed in the Oct. 7 attack and thereafter were carried out systematically and deliberately,” the report concluded.

The report stressed the difficulty in obtaining evidence and testimony, noting that the process already proves difficult enough in times of peace and therefore faces even greater stumbling blocks in times of war.


“Various pieces of information were collected from official sources, publications in local and international press, interviews with ‘first responders’ in different areas, as well as information that arrived at the [Association] from professionals and confidential calls,” the report stated, adding that it did not include information from social media or “unverified sources.”

Weiss Maudi, who last year became the first Israeli representative to serve as a senior adviser to the president of the 77th Session of the U.N. General Assembly in New York, said last year that U.N. bodies, particularly U.N. Women, simply refused to acknowledge that atrocities were committed against Israeli women – and young girls – despite much of it filmed by Hamas, and other Palestinian terrorists from Gaza, themselves. The search for evidence therefore received little help from outside bodies and entities.

However, the report also concluded – perhaps for the first time – that sexual assaults occurred against children and men, but stressed that “information about this phenomenon is relatively scarce at this stage and focuses on body mutilation.”

“The limited exposure of sexual assaults on men, even in comparison to the limited exposure of sexual assaults in war, is considered characteristic of the phenomenon,” the report said. “Generally, men suffer from compound shame when disclosing sexual assaults, which are perceived as deeply humiliating and an attack on masculinity.”

“It is reasonable to assume that male survivors in this case will have more difficulty seeking help,” the report added.

The neutral observers all say Israel is lying.
Would you execute the French Resistance for murdering Nazis in WWII?
The guilt is with Israel for stealing 85% of Palestine, and starving them by preventing trade, access to their farms, water, pastures, etc.
Not, at all the same, Yuri and that was weak even for a Russian troll.
The UN actually is totally a US puppet, and Truman started the UN solely for the goal of being able to create Israel out of thin air.

The stated goal of the UN was to end war by making it illegal (except in defense of an attack), in its charter that each member would ratify into law in each country.

So then by Congress ratifying the UN charter in 1945, the invasion of Vietnam, Panama, Grenada, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, etc., were totally illegal according to US law.

So the problem is not the UN, it is the US that is contradicting law and abusing the UN for its own illegal purposes.

Those are all stupid lies

We did not invade Vietnam and in fact the other invasions were LEGAL according to US law

The Un does not supercede US law DUMBASS
There are no witnesses who claim there were any rapes by Hamas at all.
Israel has made claims but without any witnesses coming forth, and no evidence at all.
All the claims by Israel have been proven false so far.

And that should be obvious.
The action by Hamas was done very quickly, in public, and to capture hostages for exchange.
There was no time or possibility for rape to occur.
That is like claiming a bank robber would rape a bank teller instead of trying to just get away.
Yes there are you are lying.

They have wigtnesses and evidence DUMBASS
No Mideast country denies the Holocaust, and in fact all Mideast countries were on the side of the Allies in both world wars, and Palestine specifically offered facilitated immigration to Jews going back to when Palestine was first created in 1920.
The Arabs in Mandatory Palestine went together like peanut butter and jelly for Nazis.

Morris, Benny. ”1948: A History of the First Arab-Israeli War.” United States, Yale University Press, p. 21.

🚨 The Palestinians, Khalil al-Sakakini, a .. Jerusalem educator, jotted down in his diary, ”rejoiced [as did ‘the whole Arab world’] when the British bastion at Tobruk fell .. to the Germans.”

🚨 One of the first public opinion polls in Palestine, conducted by al-Sakakini’s son, Sari Sakakini, on behalf of the American consulate in Ierusalem, in February 1941 found that 88 percent of the Palestinian Arabs favored Germany and only 9 percent Britain.

Cohen, Hillel. ”Army of Shadows: Palestinian Collaboration with Zionism, 1917–1948.” United States, University of California Press, 2008, p. 175.
In February 1941, 88 percent of those polled expressed support for Germany, while only 9 percent supported England.

Anti-Semitism and Ignorance.
F. Meiton: The Arabs and the Holocaust.Fredrik Meiton, November 29, 2010.

…the poll carried out by Sari al-Sakakini, which, in February 1941, put the figure at 88 percent.


🚨In general: the major Arab newspapers (Falastin فلسطين, Ad-Difa ’الدفاع, Carmel [Karmel, Karmil] الكرمل, etc.) praised Hitler in the 1930s. [Ehrlich, 2002:81 (Heb.)] Some noticeable: 'Karmel May 14, 1933 : "Will an Arab Hitler appear among us to awaken, unite and lead us to lead us to fight and defend our rights?" And the Falastin called Hitler "noble" [Palestine Post, 22-May-1933].
The editor of 'Al-Jami'a al-Islamiyya' [الجماعة الإسلامية] wrote on May 22, 1933: "When Hitlerism appeared, the Arabs cheered and rejoiced, saying: A blow from heaven in the hands of others..." At Ad-Difa, portions of Mein Kampf were published, its editor Ibrahim al-Shanti, called on Arab youth (in an article from June 1, 1934) to "learn from Hitler's actions and imitate them in order to achieve similar national achievements."
(During the war years, Arab press was under the control of the Brits).

🚨In 1936, T. Wurst, the German consul in Jaffa: “The Muslim Palestinians .. deeply impressed by fascist teachings and views, especially from the National Socialists.” [Mallman, Cüppers, 2010: 38].

🚨The cry of ‘Heil Hitler’ became a key word that rang brazenly throughout Palestine.” [Ziff, 1938:430].

🚨In 1934, an Arab Nazi party was established [ibid]. In 1935 there are groups: Arab-Nazi [JTA, June-25-1935]. Also in Haifa, a Nazi-Arab club ‘The Red Moon’ was established [JTA July-1-1935]. In 1936, the Husseinis' ‘futuwwa’ – modeled on the ‘Hitler youth’. [Rosen, 2005:109].

🚨 New York Times, May 23, 1937, ‘All’ the Arabs of Palestine, [even non-Muslim Arabs] celebrated Muhammad’s birthday with a flying Nazi swastika and pictures of Hitler. [New York Times, May 23, 1937].

🚨Hilda Wilson, a teacher in Beer-Zeit throughout the rebellion of 1936-9, noted that most of her students were pro-Nazis and approved of Hitler. [Segev, 1999:343].

🚨In March 1935, the Templar newspaper wrote: Many Arabs saw Hitler as the most important man of the 20th century and almost every Arab knew his name. Fascism and National Socialism with their anti-Jewish attitude were welcomed by many Arabs. [Canaan, 1968: 53 (Heb.)].

🚨In 1937, Walter Dohle, the German consul in Jerusalem wrote: “Palestinian Arabs in all social strata have great sympathy for the new Germany and its Fuehrer…” [YNet, May 7, 2006]

🚨 Awni Abd al-Hadi (of the Istiqlal institutions and the Supreme Arab Committee) in January 1937 told the Nazi magazine that Arabs like Nazis. [Sentinel, Feb. 25, 1937].

🚨 In 1938, Arabs respond to Hitler’s words with cheers from the newspapers [for example, in the Petersburg Times – Sep 16, 1938].

🚨1938, about a hundred Arabs, including from Palestine, are represented in Nuremberg a.j.n. September 23, 1938 when Fauzi Kaukeji [al-Qawuqji] welcomes them. [Davar, Jan. 5, 1947].

🚨Journalist John Gunther in 1939: "The greatest contemporary Arab hero is – Adolf Hitler." [Gunther, 1939:528].

🚨Ahmad Shukeyri [Shukeiri, Shukairy], testifies in his book (in 1969, pp. 196, 201; Encounter, vol. 39, p.76. S. Spencer, Irving Kristol, 1972) that they sympathized with the Nazis and “prayed” for their victory, referring to the years 1940-1.
(The same Ahmad Shukeiri helped with propaganda for Hitler [Congressional Record.. Vol. 107, Pt 24, 1961, p.5735 (p.35); Detroit Jewish News, 3-Feb-1967,9], with Jamal Husseini – both justified the holocaust in 1946 [B’nai B’rith, 12-Jul-1946], promoted neo-Nazis in 1962 [JTA, Dec.3.1962; JTA, De.4.1962; Congressional Record : Proceedings and…’ US Congress, 1965, PA15915-6], was associated with Issa Nakhle [Herut, Nov-29-1953 (Heb.)] – who glorified Nazi Germany [DAIA, Apr. 1958], denied the holocaust [Nov.13.1972 at UN; 1978 in his memorandum to Carter, Sadaat ahead of Camp David; etc.] and worked with neo-Nazis for most of his career. [1963 corresponding with A. Arcand; Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, 1969:.425; Anti Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, 1983:49; The American Spectator, 1986:20]).

🚨 Popular magazine in 1940: "Palestine's Arabs admire Hitler for his Jew-baiting." [Pathfinder, Mar 16, 1940].

🚨 August 1942: a German liaison officer based in Syria reported that:
'The friendly mood to the Germans among the Muslim Arabs continues unabated. In general, they express the wish that the Germans might soon arrive and liberate the country from the occupying forces and from its misery. To speak about Hitler publicly, the Arabs use a number of pseudonyms. The newest code name for Hitler is 'Hajj Numur,' the tiger. Wishes for Hitler's victory often serve as a form of greeting.' [Bericht V-Mann "Antonius" v. 13.8.1942, BA-MA, RH 2/1790].

🚨 On 21 Dec, 1942, letter, representatives of the Reich and the NSDAP in Palestine described the Arabs' hope for a great Arab state: "Arabs in Palestine were waiting for Hitler to come to Palestine and expel all the Jews..." [Chef der Sicherheitspolizei und des SD (CdS) VI C 13 an AA v. 21.12.1942, BAB, NS 19/186].

🚨Jaffa Arab activist, Muhammad Abu Sarrari: “Most Arabs in Israel were in favor of Nazi Germany.” [Arbel, 2000:19 (Heb.)].

🚨 Dr. Zaid Hamzeh (who was 9 years old in 1941): “We Arabs supported Hitler during World War II because he hated the Jews.” [Memri, according to an interview with him on 9-Oct-2019].

🚨 "Palestinian" Arab leader, in Jerusalem (then under Jordanian rule), spring, 1967: "We Arabs supported Hitler to get the British out of Palestine and to keep the Jews from taking it over - and that was our big mistake..." [Saturday Review. (1970). vol. 53. United States: Saturday Review Associates, p. 4].

🚨 Arab "Palestinian" leader Farouq Qaddoumi (b. 1931): We supported the Nazis in WWII. [Memri, December 18, 2013].

🚨 Author: "My father ... knew that most of the Palestine Arab leaders supported the Nazis." [Segev, Jerusalem Corner Berlin: Memories, 2022, ("Stay decent"), (in Ger.)].

🚨In 1941, Aref Abd-Razak meets Himmler, meets Goebbels – who, according to his words, made a “great impression on him”, and who suggested that he recruit Arabs for the SS. [Yom Yom, 21-June-1949 (Heb.)].

🚨 1941-1945: infamous Arab Palestine Islamic leader Haj Amin al Husseini, the Mufti: no. 1 Hitller's active Arab helper, very close Himmler. Preached --on Nazi radio-- for genocide and Jihad to the Arab world; oversaw schools for combining radical Islam and Hitlerism; mobilized SS Muslim units; plotted crematorium in Dothan Valey for M.E. and N. African Jews; toured concentration camps with Nazi officials; bragged in his memories about July-1943 Himmler confiding in him telling him they already exterminated more than 3 Million Jews; intervened against rescue of thousands of Jewish children who were to escape the Holocaust to come to Mandatory Palestine. He had a large Arab entourage with him. In a broadcast of 30 September 1944, the mufti asked the Arabs, rhetorically: "Is it not in your power to repulse the Jews whose number is not more than 11 million?" Before the war, the world Jewish population had been around 17 and 18 million which Husseini surely knew.

🚨Stated in Jan 6, 1942: 'Up until a month or two ago, you would have heard from Englishmen from various circles the "ruled law," that the majority of Arabs are Nazis. One would say 70%, one would say 90% - that was the dispute.' [Political Struggle: A file of speeches and documents. Vol. 1, Iss. 1, ch. 3. Moshe Sharett, Shifra Kolat, 2009, p. 56].

🚨In July 1942 when the rumors came about the fate of the Jews, there was public jubilation among most Arabs. [Cohen, 2014, ch. 17, according to journalist’s testimony].

🚨 August 1942: The CIA reports on the anti-Jewish sentiments of the ‘majority’ of Palestinian Arabs, influenced by propaganda. Expect Rommel… [Herf, 2009:139].

🚨In 1944, ‘in secret ways, Nazi propaganda material, authored by Hajj Amin, was also stolen into Palestine.
Throughout the country his supporters drank in his words with thirst, and the phenomenon of the years of the rebellion returned: in the Arab circles they were already debating the distribution of Jewish property after the victory; And in Jerusalem and Jaffa, in Tiberias and Safed, the fate of the young Jewish women has already been determined: for each one, her future Arab rapist has been determined. [Lebl, 1996:98 (Heb.)].

🚨 Before the 1941 Farhud (in which they threw babies into the water in front of their parents, raped women before killing them), the Palestinian teachers in Iraq incited with the mufti. [Julius, Huffington Post May 25, 2015]. And the Jenin born poet Bohan al-Din al-Abushi called for genocide [Shasha, 2008:6]. He also wrote pro-Hitler poems in 1942-1940. [Hazkani, 2021].

🚨 Ahead of the Nuremberg Trials, the Falastin defended Nazism, saying that "Nazism which is -- as much a way of life as democracy and -- socialism" in a leading article. [The Palestine Post, 31 October 1945].

🚨 The Islamic Ad-Difaa (Al Difa) الدفاع, in honor of the Christian holiday has put at the top of the issue a picture of the "Fuhrer," published the "will" of Hitler with great prominence. [Ad Difaa, Jan 1, 1946; denounced in ha-Tsofeh, Jan 2, 1946].

🚨 An Arab newspaper elaborates about "Hitler the Great (sic) Leader". "Adolf Hitler, the lost European man" - an article of this name with a picture on "the greatest [sic] leader who rose in Germany" was published in the latest issue of "alwahda" (الوحدة) the Arab weekly in Jerusalem. [HaMashkif, June 4, 1946].

🚨According to Edward Said, the pro-Nazi mufti represented the consensus of the Arabs of Palestine. In his book (1983:7): "The Arab Higher Committee; It operated… especially since 1946… This committee, headed by the national leader of Palestine, Haj Amin al-Husseini, represented the Palestinian Arab national consensus, backed by the parties The Palestinian political parties that operated in Palestine, and were recognized in some way by Arab governments as the voice of the Palestinian people, until the PLO…"
And from Time Magazine, June 24, 1946: 'The 53-year-old Mufti .. is revered as a spiritual leader by Palestine's Arabs.'

🚨 Ex Nazis / SS, trained, helped Arab army fighting Israel. [Davar, Jan 14, 1948; The Sentinel, 12 February 1948; Maariv, Apr 29, 1949; Jerusalem Post, May 7, 2008].


Al-Husseini, in his memories, reveals Himmler's remarks to him July-1943


Ribbentrop promises the Mufti and Arab Palestine full support (1942)

Himmler to the Mufti: strong support for "Arabs – and particularly in Palestine" (1943)


Mufti (with Nazi officials and Rachid al Gaylani and others) at concentration camp


Mufti (right hand side) and the Nazi Arab Legion

Mufti and his Muslim SS units

Murderous Arabs riots in which Jews lost their lives and property, during which Jews were injured and women raped, took place, initiated by Muslim and Christian Arab communal and religious leaders in 1920, 1921, 1929 and for almost three full years during 1936-1939. After 1933, that violence was increasingly funded by both Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. It was purposefully in support of a racial anti-Jewish ideology adopted by local Arab leaders.
And it was successful, politically, in that it convinced the British Mandatory to severely restrict Jewish immigration into the country thus causing Jews to be stranded in Europe, prey to Hitler's genocidal program.
Arabs were actively involved in the Holocaust. The mufti planned crematoria in Dothan Valley.
Jews had been purchasing back their country from a people who had conquered it and disenfranchised the Jews from it for centuries. Arabs only benefited from the Jewish return to the land of Israel. If there had been a sense of willingness to compromise, the Arabs would still be where they were in 1947.


Ahmad Shukeiri and Jamal Hussenii, in 1946, both justify the Holocaust on 6 million Jews
















September 1938

Arabs Hail Hitler

as Liberator



1939, Arab press on Hitler



Ahmad Shukeiri and his group went to help: "all out for Hitler".

Shukeiri testifies in his book, they (Arab-Palestine) were for Hitler




In his books - "Closed Case" and "The Hidden Side of Nazism and the Holocaust" - he claims that about 9,000 Palestinian and Jordanian Arabs did enlist to the British Army during the war (in comparison with about 27,000 Jews). But, from the moment it became evident the Germans may pass through Egypt and reach Palestine in spring 1942, Palestinian Arabs switched sides.
About 78% of the Arab volunteers deserted the British army, often times stealing weapons for the purpose of helping the Germans fight the Jews when the time came. Additionally, a survey conducted in 1941 shows that 88% of Palestinian Arabs supported Nazi Germany, while only 9% backed the British mandate.

And many of those 9,000 were actually from outside Mandatory Palestine, such as Transjordan and Syria. Link.

Major Lyall Wilkes of the House of Commons quoted the British officer who led the Arab Legion of Transjordan, General Glubb Pasha, as writing in 1944 that all the Arabs trained by the British deserted during World War II. Wilkes stated, the British recognized during the war that the Haganah was the only force the allies could rely on. Link.

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No Mideast country denies the Holocaust, ..

Nazism in Palestinian society and the use of Nazi symbols










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First of all, natives fighting ...
Most Arab pAlEsTiNiAnS are grandchildren of ARAB IMMIGRANTS .
And yes, most of pAlEsTiNiAn rape victims were slaughtered by the rapist Arabs and can't testify.. to be witness.
But others who hid in bushes saw atrocities:
Under cries of Allah akhbar while laughing ..

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