Proof in writing that this country was not founded on any religion.

But you say an atheist has Judeo-Christian moral values if an atheist adheres to what you call Judeo/Christian law ethics.

What you are saying Saint Leo123 is that an atheist has to give up being rational when giving his or her consent to be governed in the US system of law. You are forcing an atheist to believe that your peculiar irrational concept of the Judeo-Christian Creator of a Biblical Worldview is the only way the actual government under the US Constitution can exist for Muslims, Hindus. Atheists agnostics and Jews and every other religion and act of conscience out there.

I say you are fabricating and perpetuating a lie or myth when you spread white Christian nationalists propaganda as you do.

Thou Shalt not kill or steal is a natural law. Thomas Aquinas’ Catholicism has no copywrite on universal truth based on human reason.
Another strawman. The original commandment is not to murder. Natural law? Survival of the fittest is the natural law. You want to kill the unfit?
That’s what happened in Germany, China and Russia. We have to protect ourselves from the extremists in our midst, that would rather sow destruction than talk things out. MAGA is an existential threat to the republic.
Proof in writing that this country was not founded on any religion. 240529. {post•100}

ThisIsMe May’24 Spiwtt inserted link to an explanation of Deism in the 18th Century: Ok, how bout this: Religion in Eighteenth-Century America - Religion and the Founding of the American Republic | Exhibitions (Library of Congress)

"Deism" is a loosely used term that describes the views of certain English and continental thinkers. These views attracted a following in Europe toward the latter part of the seventeenth century and gained a small but influential number of adherents in America in the late eighteenth century. Deism stressed morality and rejected the orthodox Christian view of the divinity of Christ, often viewing him as nothing more than a "sublime" teacher of morality. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams are usually considered the leading American deists. There is no doubt that they subscribed to the deist credo that all religious claims were to be subjected to the scrutiny of reason. "Call to her tribunal every fact, every opinion," Jefferson advised.

Proof in writing that this country was not founded on any religion. 240605 {post•

NotfooledbyW Jun’24 Vpiwtt: Deists were the first rational thinkers to oppose and openly rise against the Christian European hereditary system of government that was entirely based upon the Biblical notion that royalty is given sanction to rule over men by Divine right,

Christian believers, thinkers snd theologians supported the Divine Right for royal families through operatives in the Christian Catholic and Protestant Churches to oppress humankind for the preservation of so called moral order right up to the start of the American Revolution against that Christ-centric.system of keeping order.

It is incorrect to spread the belief that Christianity has anything to do with the founding of king-less America - other than pushing aside the Deists and rational thinkers who established a new world order with the Declaration of Independence in the name of Nature’s God. nfbw 240605 Vpiwtt00244
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