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Oct 15, 2009
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HOPE — On May 1, Mike Ehredt will set out on a solo run across the United States. He will not be running alone.

By his side, over the entire course of this coast-to-coast saga, will be the memory of more than 4,000 fallen heroes. At every mile, Ehredt will stop, kneel and place a small American flag in the ground. Each flag bears a simple ribbon, upon which the name, age, rank and hometown of a service member who died in the Iraq War has been written by hand.

“I look at it as getting up in the morning, punching the time clock, doing my job for eight hours and then enjoying the company of new friends at night.”

The runner will stay with volunteer host families that reside along the back roads his course will cover — a route selected for safety and lack of traffic. In some cases, he will be staying with the parents or grandparents of service members whose names are attached to the flags he will carry with him.

Ehredt, a U.S. Army veteran, first came up with the plan for Project America Run on a chilly February training run, where he reflected on the unfulfilled goals and dreams of service members killed in Iraq and sought some way to honor them.

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