President Trump Discusses Potential VP Candidates, Mocks Fani Willis, and Calls Jack Smith a “F**king A**Hole”


Then where did the TRUMPMob get the idea?


And still the FBI hasn't ID'd the ones who put up that small scaffold. Yeah, funny, eh.

And that was one small, rickety scaffold the Feds installed to excite people like you who keep drinking the Kool-Aid.

OMG! Not Cassidy. Cassidy the liar.

The thing most people who are offended by Trump never get, is he only talks like this about the elites who are coming after him, and literally prosecuting MAGA.

Unlike Biden/Hillary Clinton who tarnish the reputations of half the country's voters, Trump always punches up.

And within that context, his uncouth/unconventional approach is an asset, not a liability.

We don't care about some silver tongued devil who pretends to play nice while ripping off and betraying the country.

We want a fighter who tells it like it is.

And we are the majority now, as you will soon see.
No you want someone who will never tell you anything you don't want to hear and promises things you know he can't deliver--because you don't really care (or are incapable of caring--there is a difference).
I don't see much difference between the establishment GOP and the Democrats. They both serve globalist interests.

Trump is the only real alternative, and even when he was in office, he was undermined by globalists that had snuck into his administration.

Frankly, it may become clear in the coming months that being the adult in the room would require following Jefferson's example against the British, because we definitely seem overdue for a revolution.
Meanwhile back in reality, Trump is the poster child for a globalist.

You guys have a self-delusion that is off the charts.

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