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President Obama's Job's Speech Partisan!


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Jun 6, 2007
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Tonight America needed a Bipartisan President but got a Liberal President in President Obama in regards to his Jobs Speech. This Speech was vintage liberal President Obama hammering away at the liberal agenda of increasing and expanding federal spending programs and outside of eliminating tax cuts and loop holes for the wealthy and big business avoiding specifics on how to pay for it! What America needed from President Obama was a jobs plan that would be an an offer for Republicans that showed Democrats were really compromising and Republicans could defend voting for the plan to the majority of their constituents. A critical element of the Democras jobs plan is extending the 2% reduction in social security tax for American workers and extending federal unemployment benefits for another year, many Republicans are opposed to this because it is going to increase the deficit $150 to $160 billion dollars and in another year America is still going to have at least eleven million unemployed. President Obama should have compromised on this issue in his speech and said I know how many Republican Americans view these issues so I say I am now willing to meet them half way I will accept limiting this 2% SS tax reduction to a savings of $400 for individuals and $800 for families and extending federal unemployment insurance to 76 weeks instead of 99 weeks.

The White House staff has released a statement saying this Jobs plan will cost $450 billion, this is laughable in its underestimation it sounds like the same people that came up with this estimate were the ones that came up with the initial cost estimates of the new entitlement program for Americans with incomes less than 400% of the poverty level and other cost estimates in Obamacare and the American people know the historic blunder that has turned out to be. The liberal ideas in President Obama's plan will bring disaster on America he says he wants to create a fund to make loans for infrastructure projects and the priority on selection criteria is how badly is the project needed and how much good will the project do for the economy hey buddy how about insuring the loan is paid back this is a collossal stupid idea this fund will will grow to the high tens of billions if not hundreds of billion of dollars and the American taxpayer will end of paying this bill members of Congress that vote for this infrastructure bank don't have the judgment to hold political office, the Federal Government should do transportation infrastructure spending in the jobs bill but it should be a twenty to thirty billion dollar expenditure what the country can afford spent in the typical grant fashion. Obama's plan in the job's bill to give the states' money to hire a lot of teachers is another really extremely stupid idea whether it is one hundred million or a billion dollars he wants to give the states for teachers its basically just throwing money away reference the 2009 stimulus spending for education on this matter yes the states get the money and hire additional teachers and when the federal govenment turns off the funding spikot for this program most of the teachers get layed-off the only thing America is left with is the debt from this program. It is really insulting to the American people to hear President Obama and other politicians for that matter say with the debt ceiling legislation passed in August the federal government has cut federal spending a trillion dollars over ten years and with the super-committee were going to do this and I am going to propose additional defict reduction because there isn't any specific program, government expenditure cuts in these references, the first one trillion dollar deficit spending cut is mostly back loaded and even the early spending cuts stand a remote chance of being implemented for it calls for $50 billion dollars of spending cuts in FY2013 which begins 10/1/2012 two months before a congressional election such a cut would mean significant federal employee lay-offs which will never happen in an election year! President Obama also behaves like he is the President of the wrong country not the United States of America in his continual pushing for high speed trains this is a total waste of money the American character is such we value every human life all trains including high speed trains will regularly be involved in accidents and when it comes to high speed trains it will result in high death and catastrophic injury rates resulting in the American people demanding and receiving these trains being forced to reduce their speed so such harm doesn't result.

President Obama's speech did have value because it underscored the serious problem America has with the high number of unemployed which is causing an anemic economic growth rate that could result in an economic recession for the country and in a manner of speaking it has thrown the ball in the Republican and Democrat members of Congress's court they have to pass some meaningful legislation aiding job growth gridlock based on excessive commitment to ideology and political theater like what happened during the debt ceiling debate won't cut it in the least with the American voter, there will be a reckoning in November 2012 for the party/individuals responsible! President Obama did offer some good ideas the $4000.00 tax credit for an employer that hires a worker that has been out of work for six months is a good idea its shows needed humanity for Americans in that predicament and the idea to increase refinances of home mortgages to the current lower mortgage rate will put a significant amount of money into the economy but this idea shouldn't significantly increase lossess to Fannie and Freddie Mac the Administration up to this point has been very responsible in using these organizations to return the housing industry to health massive forgiveness of principle on current loans would dramatically increase the financiall bleeding of these organiztions which will signifiantly increase the bill to the American taxpayer who is covering their losses which already are well over a hundred billion dollars. President Obama did make some excellent points about Republicans that resonate with a huge number of Americans, a lot of Republicans want to dismantle America in part dismantle regulation of American business and largely leave Americans to the discretion of American executives which will result in disasterous consequences and many Republicans want to rest America's well being on lower business taxes and trickle down economics which doesn't work, won't work and will result in terrible outcomes for many ordinary Americans!


Apr 4, 2006
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