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PredFan's Funnel Theory of Presidential Politics


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Oct 13, 2011
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In Liberal minds, rent free.
There is a reason I don't fear a Ron Paul presidency, or the possible problems with Herman Cain's 999 plan. The POTUS isn't Caesar, he doesn't operate in a vacuum.

Once a candidate actually wins the election and takes office, all bets are off. All those wild and often goofy plans he had when campaigning often go out the window when the rality of the situation the country is in descends on him. It's the big picture, it's knowing all of the intelligence from all our sources accross the globe, it's having experts in all endeavors giving him info that he wasn't privy to when he was Senator Joe Blow, or Governor John Doe.

It's the reason Barack Hussein Obama didn't close Gitmo, or end the wars, or sit down and have a friendly chat with 3rd world lunatic dictators.

Ron Paul will NOT close all the bases and end all the wars, Herman Cain will not get his 999 plan off the ground, and even Rick Santorum would not make being Gay illegal. The POTUS cannot just do whatever he or even she wants to.

Herman Cain has the business saavy to help us with the business and employment problems we have right now in this country. Ron Paul has the financial plans that would help rein in spending and get our fiscal house in order, or at least start.

So if you take the radical ideas out of the picture, you have to assess each candidate on his or her overall merit. Right now the overall merit of most of the GOP candidates, imo, are fine. The exception being Mitt Romney, and of course Obama's overall merit is lower than whale shit in the Mariana Trench.

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