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trump middle east.jpg
I hope that they bring a huge lawsuit against whoever it is that keeps using photo editing software or technology in a defamatory and corrupt way like the culprits using it keep doing (i.e. immediately after Trump is re-elected he should empower his lawsuits for this), and rightfully so because they are truly corrupt and diabolical in the ways that they are using this stuff.

I hope the Trump team saves every faked photo that is used in these defamatory memes, and they should sue the snot out of whoever the culprits are for creating such defamatory photo's that are being used in these memes like this.

It's time to get serious in this country about the tactics or methods that are being used to attempt to defame people by way of photo editing technologies or softwares that are altering photo's in order to create defamatory memes that are being used in a defamatory way like we keep seeing today.

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