Police In Ohio Say Exotic Animals Escape From Farm


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Mar 30, 2011
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ZANESVILLE, Ohio (AP) — Police say the owner of the Muskingum County Animal farm from which an unknown number of exotic animals have escaped has been found dead.

WBNS-TV in Columbus reports ( ) that the body of Terry Thompson, owner of the farm, was found outside of his home on the animal farm property. Police said the fences had been left unsecured.

Police would not say what animals escaped but said the animal farm did have lions, wolves, tigers, giraffes, camels and bears.

They said bears and wolves had been shot and killed and that there were multiple sightings of exotic animals along Interstate 70.

Staff from the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium and the Wilds were on scene, hoping to tranquilize the animals and return them to safety
Police In Ohio Say Exotic Animals Escape From Farm - From the Wires - Salon.com

My family is saying it was as many as 50 animals escaped. wtf?
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