CDZ Please remind me why we are closing our schools

Donald H

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Nov 26, 2020
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It supposedly has something to do with Covid-19, but I keep forgetting the logic behind closing our schools. Children are virtually immune from this virus, which is much less dangerous to them than the seasonal flu. Likewise, the great majority of teachers have a very low risk of becoming seriously ill from it (and can wear whatever PPE they feel is appropriate). Please remind me why we are closing our schools and exactly what are we accomplishing by doing this..
The question isn't being asked in the spirit of hearing an answer.
Can you fix that and turn it into an honest question that would be worth anybody's time to answer?

How's that for the kind of answer you were looking for?
There's more to come if you ask the right questions. Then you will know! And be even more angry than you already are!

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