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Photographer Says 'No' To Senior Pictures For Bullying Students


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Jul 20, 2011
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Don't harsh my zen, Jen!
Your school photographer refuses to take your precious snowflake's photo after seeing her bully a classmate. Do you: C) Thank her for bringing the misbehavior to light and say you'll take care of it. Wait WHAT? ~ Fark

Photographer Says 'No' To Senior Pictures For Bullying Students - Pittsburgh News Story - WTAE Pittsburgh

INDIANA COUNTY, Pa. -- An Indiana County photographer has decided not to shoot senior pictures for a group of high school girls she saw bullying and harassing other students online.

"I don't want to photograph them, I don't want them to be a part of my business image and I don't want them on my blog," Jennifer McKendrick told Channel 4 Action News' Ashlie Hardway.

McKendrick said she saw four high school seniors bullying other kids on an anonymous Facebook page that went beyond just name-calling.

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