Petition to liberate the world from international bankers


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Nov 17, 2013
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Step 1. sign the petition below to get attention of a few people with recognition to acknowledge the solution
Step 2. create a popular referendum for the very unpopular US government that can not be ignored
Step 3. demand real elections with a for and against votes, so that money does not play a role in electing new leadership in

The people mentioned in this petition have acquired recognition by fiercely speaking out against the establishment and against the international bankers, yet they offer no solution, for example: solution of Alex Jones seems to be to buy his iodine and food packets on his info wars site, solution of brother Nathanael seems to be more Christian signs in public places, and solution of the white pride storm front seems to be seceding and white America. I believe the problem and the solution is very clear - Our government which is a puppet of big money, the international bankers can keep winning popularity contests and call it elections, while in a referendum (where people can vote for and against the candidates establishment tells them are popular) they will lose big time among American people, because vast majority does not believe in them at all. I created such referendums in the past, and small numbers give an excuse for the establishment trolls to disregard it as inaccurate, however by getting some known people involved and sponsoring this referendum, we can show to the world that America has no government, and then demand real, referendum type elections, where money will not help any candidates win, opening the doors to a new government. more details, with detailed videos are on my web site New World Government - an Alternative to the New World Order


My video speech (first attempt during my hunger strike after the assassination of my dogs)
[ame=]Official attempt to reach out to Ron Paul, Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura - YouTube[/ame]

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