Peter Navarro makes history today

"....everybody secretly idolises Lovely Luiza...."

Now who could say this board can't keep a secret?
Wow!! That's one that has been deep-deep-sixed long time. No?

I only said you are loathed ,
Actually, earnest poster 'luiza'.....I, for one, don't loathe that Welsh contributor.
In fact, I always read his stuff, for several reasons:

1. it's good to hear other perspectives from other countries, lest we sink into a sinkhole of nationalism, xenophobia, and insular 'silo-thinking'.

2. He spells better and has better gramma than many.....too many.....on this gossipboard exhibit.

3. He ofttimes posts interesting stuff.

4. He demonstrates occasionally a sly-boots sense of humor.

5. He seldom....if ever.... uses the f-bomb, nor misogynistic comments about women's body parts. Haven't seen overtly racist posting from TT.

6. All of that is in contradistinction to some of our MAGAQAnonFringie RWNJ's who contribute their best thinking here.

So, on a comparative basis, our UK-mate probably averages-up the pool of contributors here.

I'm fairly sure that I am absolutely positive of all that.

And you?
This is why it won't end nicely and politely with a, "Would you Progressives pretty please stop acting like frothing Fascists?"
Name anyone else who's in federal prison for a misdemeanor, Stalinist asshole.
What should we do with Hunter Biden for not answering the first subpoena even though he finally answered the subpoena later.
Navarro never answered the subpoena. I assume you feel Hunter should not pay a penalty.
Does anyone have Dr. Navarro's address in Prison. I'd like to send him a card. I did one time, i'd like to do it again but i've misplaced his address?

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