One Iraqi's Perspective On Announcement of 'Surge'


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Nov 22, 2003
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What? Already running away!?
Insurgents and terrorists are already abandoning some of their positions in Baghdad and moving to Diyala, al-Sabah said:

In Diyala, politicians, religious and tribal figures demanded that their province be included in the security plan of Baghdad. This came after dozens of foreign Arab militants ran away from Baghdad to areas across Diyala in order to avoid raids by the Iraqi and American forces during the incoming security plan to secure Baghdad.

Eyewitnesses told al-Sabah that areas such as New Baquba, Gatoon and al-Zour in Miqdadiya have become convenient bases for terrorists and foreign al-Qaeda members from Egypt, Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan.
This movement of terrorists forced most of the families in these areas to leave either to neighboring countries or to the southern provinces.
The people are asking the interior and defense ministries and the MNF to seal the entrances and exits in order to contain and capture those terrorists in order for Baghdad's plan to succeed. In the same regard a knowledgeable security source stressed that the success of Baghdad's plan depends on the stability of surrounding provinces, especially Diyala…​
Makes perfectly good sense. Cut off their avenues of retreat before flushing them.

Good thing we haven't telegraphed our blow.:rolleyes:

Just what I was thinking. Been reading some of the milbloggers, while there's a wide range of opinions, those that I've respected have mostly said that the numbers might be right, if deployed correctly and most importantly that the restrictions come 'off.' Now.

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