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October Jobs Up 410,000 In Household Survey! Supports New Robust Expansion Scenario!


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Feb 22, 2009
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The Northeast storm will soon start to shake out some of the money now being hoarded at the insurance corporations. The devastation to buildings and structure may soon make the Northern Japan Catastrophe look like the work of some lower level saint, than of any kind of deity(?)!

The actual report of the Household Survey has preceded the increase of the jobs reported in the Establishment Survey before, in this recovery.

Employment Situation Summary

Again, the Romney-Ryan-CrazyPeople agenda is not supported in this report. Robust could have been happening in the all preceding months except that state and local governments continue to cut back!

Housing is on the mend, and will get big boost in 2013. People now report being better off than they were four years ago. Even the Chinese PMI is back to expanding--at a 7% plus GDP rate of growth to boot! The various US indices are in the expanding mode due to Obama-Biden. China will even help to bail-out Europe. Expanding trade will help to bail-out Europe.

The famous compare and contrast is with the stated Romney-Ryan Plan! Cut taxes for the 53% of upper income tax filers. Do not cut taxes for the lower 47% of filers with no federal income tax liability. Effectively: Bail-Out the European Luxury Car Manufacturers, famously Aston-Martin-Bentley, BM & W! While doing that, do not provide extra spending money for the customer showing up in the usual stores! The idea is to limit trade, limit business, limit expansion, and to cut back on government spending at every level to boot!

Keeping customers out of the stores is the stated Romney-Ryan plan! The increase of bayonets for more troops in the field is not a plan!

"Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
(White Eyes now celebrate famous Romney Business Background! Now come to Lands of Many Nations, and do crap-shoot: Just like Romney-Ryan!)

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