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Obama As The Lying Racist!!!...


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Nov 12, 2009
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In a galaxy far far away...
Read an interesting op-ed in the Grand Rapids Press yesterday by Thomas Sowell. As he's a syndicated columnist, it has probably appeared in other papers too, or might soon. The piece was titled, Hail to the phony in chief, and here's an example.

For those unaware of Sowell, he's an economist, political philosopher, author of dozens of books on economics and a variety of other topics, and he's currently a senior fellow at the Hoover Institute at Stanford University. He is also black and a conservative, so he is routinely described as a house ******, Uncle Tom, etc. by some members of the black community.

In his op-ed column Sowell brings us back to the speech that Barry made before a predominately black audience while campaigning back on June 5, 2007 at Hampton University. Specifically, that part of the speech that a couple of weeks ago was revealed on a video tape that surfaced wherein, to quote Dim Senator Harry Reid, Obama is using his convenient Negro dialect.

In the video Barry talks to his black audience about something known as the Stafford Act and comparisons between its use, or lack thereof, in New York after 9/11, Florida after hurricane Andrew, and New Orleans after Katrina.

The Stafford Act requires communities that receive federal disaster relief, money, to contribute 10% as much as whatever amount the feds kicked in. For graduates of our fine public school systems, that means, for example, if the feds gave $1,000.00 then the local community would have to come up with their 10% share, or $100.00.

While Barry be in full Negro dialect mode that day, he claimed the federal government did not show the same concern for the people of New Orleans post Katrina as they had shown to the folks in New York and Florida, post 9/11 and Andrew respectively. His "proof" was that the 10% Stafford Act requirement was waived for New York and Florida because those folks were considered to be "part of the American family." But
when it came to the Katrina devastation he implied the Act had not been waived because when it came to the New Orleans predominately black population, "they don't care about as much."

Sowell went on to point out one overt lie in Barry's words and one, in my opinion, rather sinister secret too. On May 24, 2007, two weeks before Barry be speaking at Hampton, the U.S. Senate voted 80-14 to in fact waive the Staffard Act requirement for the (black) people of New Orleans. Sowell even provides a road map so folks can check it out for themselves, the official Congressional Record of May 24,2007, page S6823. Oh, and one other little tidbit of information contained in the Record. Fourteen Senators voted NOT to waive the Stafford Act fo da black folk of N'awlins...An one of those voting against it was then Senator Barack Hussein Obama!!! Get that? Barry himself was one of those who don't care about black folks as much. I wonder why he didn't tell that to his fellow blacks that day at Hampton University?

Anyway, my advice to Barry is to keep stirring that racial and class division right on up to election day. It seems to be doing well in the polls these days.

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