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Not a mass public shooting in France, just 4 people shot, two killed two injured, near sports stadium....


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Jul 19, 2014
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But...they have gun control in France....so......how did this happen?

And before the anti-gun fanatics begin to chime in....they need to explain something...

Which French gun control laws physically prevented the killers from walking into a public French School......Jewish schools in France all have heavily armed secuirty........and shooting students and staff?

Please....explain how the gun control laws kept them from shooting up a school.....or a church.....or a mall...

Explain how they got the gun......since they are illegal in France....especially for people who are likely criminals with long histories of crime..

Is there an exception to French gun control laws for career, violent criminals?

Police believe it may have been an incident between two rival gangs.

Two people were killed and another two were rushed to hospital.

According to local reports, one of the two hurt is in a critical condition.

The other is understood to have been shot in the leg.

Just for the record.....if one more dies ....this is still not a mass public shooting....a mass public shooting according to President Obama's new standard of 3 killed...............does not include acts of gang violence.....

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