No orders no work

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Feb 7, 2019
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No orders no work
machine no go brrrrrrrrrrrrrr
The chi coms biggest fears ....massive unemployment loving it
The general pop ain't getting 600 a week from uncle chink
They were feeling the sting of trumps tiny weak tarrifs which should of been el norte of 50%
See chyna 80% ore tariff on the thing the no good rat bastids do right

Everyone globally is taking about really shaking shit up. From the small frys to the Multinationals
I hope the american south,south west and Messyco are getting ready for a uptick of manufacturing.? ...if we pull out of this fake pandemic nose dive and get nazi dem governor's and chink loving legislatiors to jump off bridges that would be swell

We have the best upticks
Big uptick

Ya can almost smell it

Where's muh V's.
Soon ...? I'm at 39% for a fast turnaround and a manufacturing upsurge later
We're not closing again and the dems worst nightmare is about to materialize
The dreaded trump rally ....

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