News hounds really do SUCK!


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Jun 20, 2009
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I am convinced that news hounds, junk journalists...all those that gather at news conferences to ask "on the record" questions of political figures are ALL members of the Idiot Club when it comes to their quest to assign blame for natural disasters and awkward mass human behavior.

The bunch of numbnuts that I just recently watched grilling the Governor of Georgia and the Mayor of Atlanta over the chain of events related to the recent paralyzing snow incident here absolutely take the cake.

They stupidly rely on HINDSIGHT to layout what THEY THINK should have been done to prevent Mother Nature from having her way over the masses when they should know full well events could have been better...or could have been worse.

Had it not been so bad, they would have blamed the officials for shutting down the city (and its commerce) on a fair day. Had it been worse, they would be blaming the officials more vehemently than they did today for "letting it happen" by not acting sooner in sending people home. What a stupid bunch of goons we have holding microphones in front of cameras these days. They seek the accolades of the disgruntled public no matter which way the situation plays out.

Unlike Katrina, where officials knew full well that a strong hurricane would definitely strike New Orleans, the line between snow and no-snow here was indefinite and predicted by the National Weather Service to occur several miles south of downtown Atlanta. As it turned out, they were wrong. It occurred north of downtown Atlanta. This, by way of illogical thinking on the part of the local news hounds, put the Mayor and the Governor at fault for not sending people home earlier.

Damned if you do...damned if you don't.

My concern is now with the Berry College eagle eggs.

Berry College - Experience it Firsthand

It's GOT to be hard to keep them at 105deg when you're covered with snow.

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