Nancy Pelosi DESTROYED in UK Debate.. You’ll Never Guess By WHO | Beyond the Headlines


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Feb 16, 2016

Nancy Pelosi DESTROYED in UK Debate..

You’ll Never Guess By WHO | Beyond the Headlines

13 May 2024

Nancy Pelosi recently took a trip across the pond to attend a debate at Oxford Union, a highly esteemed university organization in the UK. This trip came as a surprise, considering at this event — she wouldn’t get the preferential treatment she gets from the American Liberal media. What might come as even more of a surprise is who she came to blows with on the debate floor. Who had the great honor of telling Mrs. Pelosi everything we’ve all been thinking?
Elijah Schaffer goes into all this and more on today’s Beyond the Headlines!


Kudos to Winston Marshall. His eloquence and erudite public humiliation of Nancy Pelosi was outstanding.
Marshall pulled no punches and called it how he sees them. He sees them clearly. It's not The his job to do your research for you.
What is galling is that someone in the U.K. in an Oxford Union denate would be able to take Pelosi to task while our Quisling Media has covered for het all these years, that is especially factual with the destruction of the DJT SOTU speech to the planning ang and execution of January 6th., protest turned into a Democrat Neo-Marxist false flag operation.
Oddly, outside of an alcohol induced outburst, Pelosi wasn’t much able to debate. She just sat there taking it like she should be taking it here.
One has to wonder what she was thinking entering a non scripted debate?
Thread up. :)

Pelosi lied again.
The Democrats are the Autocrats.
The Democrat censorship crimes and thier abuse of DOJ/FBI power are huge red flags for totalitarian tyranny.
Pelosi and the radical left are totally deluded if they think they are defending "democracy".

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