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Missouri governor stays execution of convicted killer amid new DNA evidence


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Aug 6, 2012
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To me this is the biggest argument against capital punishment, executing the wrong man. There are few actions worse in a society and God knows how many dirty cops and prosecutors are going to hell knowing they had the wrong man.

You better be damned sure you have the right guy. An automatic jail sentence to those responsible for any wrongly executed perps would probably decrease these instances dramatically.

Marcellus Williams execution stayed by Missouri governor - CNN

CNN)A newly-created board will review the case of a convicted murderer, after Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens issued a stay of execution on Tuesday in light of new DNA evidence.

"A sentence of death is the ultimate, permanent punishment," Greitens said in a statement. "To carry out the death penalty, the people of Missouri must have confidence in the judgment of guilt. In light of new information, I am appointing a Board of Inquiry in this case."
The execution of Marcellus Williams, 48, had been scheduled for Tuesday evening.

His attorneys said that DNA evidence unavailable during his 2001 trial proved his innocence.
However, the Missouri Attorney General's Office had argued the execution should be carried out, saying the DNA evidence doesn't overcome non-DNA evidence that connects the inmate to the crime.
In a statement, Greitens announced the creation of a new five-person Board of Inquiry. The board, which will have subpoena power, will review evidence, in addition to newly discovered evidence, and offer a recommendation to the governor, who will determine whether Williams is granted clemency.

Old Yeller

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Sep 13, 2015
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Nobody gets to death row for jaywalking. They all have a long rap sheet. If they did not do this, they did plenty of other stuff or will do it. We got plenty of criminals. Put em' down. Dont buy bunch of lawyered up DNA poppycock.

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