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Mexico car factories, Philippines mines v US pipelines: closing time


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Apr 26, 2014
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Genocidal duo Trump, Duterte:
Closing Mexico car plants, Philippines mines v new US pipelines: 3 fake inversions

Dec 4, 2016: "president elect Trump wishes Philippines president good luck for his war on drugs".
After reading this you'll know why there's no contradiction when Oil man Trump wishes good luck to environment-friendly Duterte on his genocidal mission.

Mexico car factories, Philippines mines.
Parallel scripts: Trump, Duterte, genocide Champions, play closing time.
As for "Trump's new pipelines": it's a parallel-reverse script to "Duterte closing mines".

Part I - published Sep 2016:
How illuminati recycle closing time for american car factories
2001: the Twin Towers were ripe for demolition (asbestos was only one of the reasons).
9/11 illustrates that even the totally satanic illuminati may implement environment-friendly solutions.
More precisely how illuminati scripts recycle closing time: the twin towers reduced to dust by mini-hydrogen bombs in basement.

Psy-op "closing american car factories ... "
Goals range: from marketing Trump; to using that marketing to justify the closures, alias to divert from the real reason why car plants MUST be closed BOTH in the USA and in Mexico.
The psy-op has two chapters, the first released shortly BEFORE the election and the second AFTER the "election" and BEFORE the inauguration.
Reminder: marketing Trump until the inauguration is crucial to make sure that at least 40,000 people attend, the critical mass that would be impossible to reach with Clinton.
On other words, what is required for what goes beyond preventing emtpy seats: to serve it as "amost one million".

The first chapter: "... in the USA"
Released Sep 14 2016, as "Ford shifting all U.S. small-car production to Mexico".
Goal: suggest that "car makers preemtpively react to Trump possibly getting elected, in which case Trump will fulfill his promise to bring jobs back to the USA, starting by passing laws to stop the Automotive industry outsourcing to Mexico".
As for the title of the yet to be released second chapter, it resumes to replacing USA with Mexico.

Part II - Jan 12, 2017 - Second chapter released, as predicted:
Illuminati waited until two weeks before Trump's inauguration, to announce that they will be ...
Closing american car factories in Mexico
An act long overdue, after systemic collapse in 2007 caused everywhere a drastic reduction in demand for new cars.
Goal: to market one of Trump's fake inversions, in this case served as "fulfilling the promise to bring jobs back to the USA".

Closing mines in the Philippines:
Parallelism, other than timing and the "closing time" coreography includes:
1. Tactic: served also as fake inversion, albeit this time with the mining instead of the automotive industry.
2. Goal: to market Duterte, who plays the same KEY role as Trump, paving the way to legalize transportation to death camps.
The fake inversion is extended from "patriotic Trump" to also "environmental friendly Duterte".

Duterte's mines, Trump's pipelines: a reversed element in two fake inversions
"Duterte closing mines in the Philippines" is a parallel script to "Trump's policies forcing american companies to close car factories in Mexico".
Why? The answer goes beyond both being fake inversions and it has nothing to do with the environment, as previously explained.
But when you contrast "Trump building new pipelines" with the mines script then "environment-friendly Duterte" is as an obvious reverse element.
No wonder, that's what the undelying agendas are also:
- "closing car factories in Mexico" is part of Trump's role as classic bomber (marketing Trump to let him pursue his KEY mission, which is the same as as Duterte: paving the way to legalize genocide).
- "Trump building new pipelines" is part of Trump's role as suicide bomber (paving the way to let Hitlery Clinton be crowned Miss Universe): it repaints "Obama/Clinton fracking the hell out of the USA" as "before Trump it was environment-friendly".

Sept. 14, 2016 - Ford shifting all U.S. small-car production to Mexico
Ford shifting all U.S. small-car production to Mexico

Jan 9, 2017 - Fiat Chrysler plants in Mexico may close if Trump enacts import tax, CEO says
Sergio Marchionne said at the Detroit auto show that the president-elect’s tariff threats could make manufacturing in Mexico ‘uneconomical’
Last week Ford abandoned plans to build a $1.6bn plant in Mexico ...
Fiat Chrysler plants in Mexico may close if Trump enacts import tax, CEO says

Feb 9, 2017 - Eco-warrior lays waste to Philippines' mining industry
Mining industry chiefs had just assailed her order to shut down more than half of the Philippines' mines, and Regina Lopez was in a combative mood: but, to keep her cool before an interview, she slipped into a side room and meditated for a few minutes.
There is a spiritual side to Lopez, the daughter of a media mogul who, at 18, left a life of privilege behind in the Philippines, took a vow of celibacy and became a yoga teacher and missionary in Africa, living in slums among the poor.
But Lopez is also a fiery environmental crusader. She has no qualms about attacking the powerful and flouting convention, just like the country's blunt-spoken president, Rodrigo Duterte, who appointed her as his environment minister last year.
Since then, she has become the bane of big mining companies, which she accuses of earning "blood money" in the fifth-most-mineralised country in the world.
Eco-warrior lays waste to Philippines' mining industry

Trum(p)man show: Anti-establishment billionaire changes policies: abortion, Syria and wall: for dummies
Muslims no longer allowed to enter the USA while Iran will continue to supply the ground troops for the "US led coalition" in Iraq and Syria.
Why no muslims (same as hispanics or any non-whites) are going to be allowed to leave North America:
Simulated Reality, the world as we know it: Trumpman show: Anti-establishment billionaire changes policies: abortion, Syria and wal:l for dummies

For 9/11 FULL story, exposed first by Last Prophet, start here:
The ongoing remake exposed a decade later by the same Prophet. The climax that the Illuminati Grand Master was forced to postpone again and again:
Osama Bin Laden's resurrection, a 9/11 2001 remake:
Original script for the remake of New York 9/11 2001.
God repeatedly postpones and irrevocably modifies the satanic script.
9/11 for dummies - The Five Basic Facts, by Matt M: Osama Bin Laden resurrection, a 9/11 2001 remake: God repeatedly postpones and irrevocably modifies the satanic script

Leonard Cohen Closing Time - with spanish subtitles as expected in this context

All in Blog
Parallel and reversed Illuminati script: : Closing time Mexico car plants Philippines mines v new US pipelines
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