Man Flies to India to Have Bruce Willis Facelift. No word on brain transplant, though


Jan 25, 2007
Near Atlanta
So, who would you have plastic surgery to look like? Me, I'd wanna look like that Roopull guy. He gets all the chicks.

Seriously... someone did this.

What you talkin' bout Willis?

A US firefighter has travelled to India to have plastic surgery in order to look more like Bruce Willis.

A US firefighter has undergone plastic surgery at a speciality hospital in India to look like Hollywood celebrity Bruce Willis, a newspaper reported today.

John Joseph Conway, a 43-year-old fireman from Chicago had checked into the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in New Delhi with a photograph of his hero, Willis, star of the Die Hard action movie series.

"I am a firefighter. I need to look the part. I wanted to improve my jawline. Bruce Willis has a nice, strong jaw," he told the Hindustan Times daily after the surgery.

Vivek Kumar, part of the medical team which operated on Conway on Thursday said doctors studied his face for three days to give him the look he wanted.

"After he contacted us on email, he said that as a man who jumps into burning buildings, people in the community look up to him and he needed to maintain his macho image," Kumar was quoted by the paper as saying.

Conway, who spent $US1,600 ($A2,054) on three-hour-long surgery, said he was satisfied with the surgery. He now plans to bring his 63-year-old mother for a $US1,500 ($A1,925) facelift, as well as his sister for surgery.

The three would spend $US4,600 ($A5,905) for the medical procedures, post-operative care and hospital stay, approximately one-tenth the amount they would have to pay in the US.

The Conways are among the growing number of 'medical tourists' who are visiting the South Asian country for treatment that is not only cheap but comparable to the best in the world.

India is considered the leading destination for medical tourists, according to new market research.

Medical tourism in India is growing by 30 per cent a year, studies say. It is estimated at $US320 million ($A411 million) currently and is expected to top $US2 billion ($A2.57 billion) by 2012.


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