Look who is attacking MTG

MTG makes blanket, hateful statements about American citizens every day of the week and you CHEER her for doing it.

What's laughable is your claims that the House is doing the "people's business". This House hasn't done ANYTHING for the American people since being sworn in. All they' have done is to investigate Democrats based on bullshit and lies they made up.

When Pelosi and the Democrats held the House, they pass BILLS to help the American people. The Republicans House, holds Committee meetings with witnesses in the pay of Kash Patel, and the Republican party, who come in with no evidence and make wild accusations.

The Republican House hasn't done the "people's business" since they were elected. That's why they are unlikely to win the House in November. Chaos and incompetence.

Given that the Hearing was asking for the AG to be arrested for refusing to provide the tapes of Biden's FBI Interviews to Congress, the Weaponization of Government Committee wasn't doing the "people's business at all".

Has this congress not been passing bills? I believe they have, so, they are doing the peoples business. You just don’t like the business that they are doing.

All politicians make blanket statements about people, but what jasmine is doing is using the lie that all white/republicans are racist. In this time in our divided country, that is wrong and dangerous, it also shows she really thinks that “the other side” are a bunch of racists.

Members of Congress should not be doing that.

Also, I don’t cheer for mtg, let alone any other politician. I don’t know much about her other than she’s a loud mouth. But, share some of the blanket statement she has made about people.
Wait, you want to know what? This Repub lead House has been an ineffectual shit show getting nothing done for the country exactly because of MAGAist's like MTG. People who have no interest in governing but rather spend their time trying to tear the system down. People who prioritize going to NY and dressing like Trump clones, adding their voices to attempts to discredit our system of justice because Dear Leader has his nuts in a vise.
They have a history.

Teabaggers despise the government because they claim it doesn't work.
Then.............They get elected and prove it.

The Least Productive Congress in History?​

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Dec 23, 2013 — ... War II. By that measure, the 113th Congress has passed just 58 laws so far, the lowest since 1947. ... has been as lean in significant domestic ...

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Jul 18, 2017 — Whatever the explanation, thus far these GOP legislators are on track to be the least productive group since at least the Civil War. Now, okay, ...

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Dec 21, 2023 — The 118th U.S. Congress was historically unproductive in 2023, putting itself on track to enact fewer laws than any of its predecessors in ...
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Ms Crockett seems to be a very accomplished performer.Ive watched her school the stupid right many times.
She does need to consider her strategy though. There are several crazies in congress. It is beneath her dignity to be dragged into rows with lesser people. Any association with MTG demeans her.
She should just concentrate on november.
Moscow Marje is likely to be arrested in the second trump riot to bring down democracy.
It's gotten to the point in America that Democrats to check the crazy. For too long they have done what you have suggested and here we are.
The Democratic ladies were definitely wrong for responding to MTG's insult, which started this.

Somehow you missed that part. I wonder why. Oh yeah, you wanted to be dishonest and paint MTG as the innocent victim. It's a MAGA thing.

They should not have let MTG drag them down to her level. Agreed. I hope they learned from this.
Once again, you're wrong. It's time to stand up to these guys trying to bully their way through congress. You don't end bullying by being nice. Democrats have done that for too long. These extremists need to go and be replaced by Republicans who don't consider compromise pandering to the left
Ms Crockett seems to be a very accomplished performer.Ive watched her school the stupid right many times.
She does need to consider her strategy though. There are several crazies in congress. It is beneath her dignity to be dragged into rows with lesser people. Any association with MTG demeans her.
She should just concentrate on november.
Moscow Marje is likely to be arrested in the second trump riot to bring down democracy.

I love Crockett's take downs, and being a federal prosecutor from Texas, she's really fucking good at it. But she's also adept at asking all of the right questions when witnesses come to Committee, and in being prepared with ALL of her homework done.

Republicans have far too few working class people sitting in Congress, and far too many rich frat boys like Matt Gaetz. Gaetz is a third generation Republican Swamp Creature, his grandfather and father both having been prominent Republicans.

Matt worked "briefly" in private practice, and isn't currently licensed to practice law, before running for State Legislature. Given his offensive behaviours regarding women, and flashing nude pictures of girls he's dating on the floor of the House, I can see why the guy didn't last long in private practice. Gaetz is a Jeffrey Epstein sex scandal waiting to happen.

Here the Bills Gaetz is sponsoring for the American people, including one which declares that January 6th was NOT an insurrection, and disbanding the ATF Department.

There is nothing there to address crime, the fentanyl crisis, immigration, inflation, or the American infrastructure. Just censuring judges, cabinet members and removing the Speaker.

Trump isn't draining the Swamp. He's stocking it with younger, more loyal alligators.
And beside, Republicans will break them anyway, if they feel like it. Especially if Donnie gets his "absolute immunity".

Republicans have been investigating Democrats since Bill Clinton was elected president and they haven’t filed charges and they haven’t indicted anyone.

Every Republican investigation of Democrats ends with a report saying that they committed no crimes, and there is no evidence against them, nor are there any credible witnesses.

In numerous instances, the Republicans couldn’t find evidence that any crime whatsoever has been committed. Republicans just make up something that they think Democrats might be doing and then set up a committee to investigate the rumors.

Every Republican investigation of Republicans finds not only crimes but evidence and witnesses to prove those crimes.

Either the Republicans are the worst investigators in the world, since they’re completely in capable of finding any real evidence of any real crimes committed by Democrats. Or the Democrats aren’t the criminals that Republicans keeping claiming they are.

But every Republican administration, since Nixon has been awash in criminal activity leading to felony charges.

Donald Trump has spent the last six years conducting “law fare” against his employer, the American people. Trump seems to have forgotten that as president. he is nothing more than a civil servant answering to the people of the United States of America.

The United States of America isn’t run by Kings or dictators. The people choose their president and they can fire their president if they don’t do a good job.

Neither his staffers, nor his Cabinet Members would appear for Constitutionally mandated oversight hearings. Trump claimed “executive privilege” for everything, fighting such requests all the way to the supreme court, and losing every case.

Of course Trump’s court cases and appeals had the desired effect of delaying all of the oversight requests until he was leaving office and they became moot.

Trump has honed this practice over 40 years and more than 4000 civil law suits, so it’s laughable for Trump to “lawfare” when he spent “$100 million on frivolous Motions, Appeals, and legal stalling tactics to push these trials back to after the election.

So take your pot and your kettle and shove them up trumps fat ass.
They have passed very few. I think its a record for the fewest.
Maybe, but not for lack of trying. Admittedly, the Republican party is fractured right now, and that slows down the process..but, they are not doing nothing…they are working..just a bit more slowly.

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