LIVE: Public Hearing on Election in Arizona


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Feb 6, 2017
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Covid was used to change election laws at the last minute and combined with Dominion Smartmatic Fraud Apparatus, they stole the election. And here is how they did it.

US averages 20 Million cases of flu each year.

In 2015 flu cases were 30 million. In the last 3 months since September only 300 flu cases are recorded.

Additionally there are no excess deaths due to Covid or any other reason from 2019 to 2020.

Conclusion is, that we are being lied to, and that they are taking Flu Cases and swapping them for Covid cases, just like they rigged our election by swapping Trump votes for Biden votes.


Why were they so desperate to commit massive voter fraud to get China Joe in office?

The US is the single number 1 obstacle to The Global Reset and you must install a puppet like Joe Biden to get The United States to submit to it.

What is the Great Reset? No Cash, No Private Property, No Borders, No Immigration Law, No Debt, Digital ID, No Religious Freedom, No Right to Bear Arms, No Free Speech, a Mark of The Beast like Economy, Complete Compliance required or they cut you off from your funds.

This is Evil 666 Book of Revelation type crap. It will not only destroy small independent businesses but it will destroy National Sovereignty and Democracy itself.

Anyone who thinks this isn't real and isn't coming is a fool or has already sold their souls to Hell.

The short reason is, They had to get rid of The Trump Administration and illegitimately install a puppet Biden Administration to absorb America in to the Great Reset instead of having to fight them as they would have to under Donald J. Trump.

Let's appeal to The Court of Heaven that their Evil Plan will fail as it is God who appoints our leaders, not man actually.

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