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Likewise, This Hasn't Happened

Fed Starving

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Mar 26, 2020
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Nathanial was shown to his room. There was a residential quarter within the building and some of the rooms were made for detainees. He was placed in one of the detainee rooms and locked inside. He was given a tape recorder like the one in the interrogation room and a pad of paper with a writing utensil to make record of his paranormal memories.

The room was a good thirty feet wide and about sixty feet long with a small bathroom containing a shower and a sink. There were soft towels and toiletries. The carpet was a nice dark green short shag with light green highlights. There was a bed, a television, a couch, a desk, a dresser and a cabinet to store items. There was a landline phone on the desk with a sticker on the handle that said, "Front Desk, Dial *3" The clock on the wall said 3:59pm. Someone was going to get him and take him to the cafeteria to eat dinner at 8:00pm.

He checked the air conditioner and turned the heater on and then sat on the couch.

He decided to write his memories first. That would allow him to organize his thoughts easier because he would remember facts randomly as he remembered each one. When he remembered one thing it would cause him to remember another thing that he'd forgotten.

He started with the earliest memory that he didn't yet tell the special agent about.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

2012, Hollywood
Early in the year.

I am not precisely sure when this was. I am going to say 2012 but it might have been 2011 or 2010. As far as memories are concerned, being in Hollywood at that time in my life, this was one of the last memories that I have of living there.

Being unemployed at that time I was searching for work and somehow got into contact with this company that worked directly with the government. They were collecting donations for some specific cause that I cannot remember. They were founded in the 1950s or 1960s so they were around a long time before they asked me if I would like to work for them.

I didn't work with them long because it wasn't an hourly wage that you earned. You were paid a percentage of the donation that you collected.

On my first day, they took a small team of us way outside of the city to a small suburb of houses built in the WW2 era. I was given a section of the houses to walk door-to-door to request donations, which was something like a few hundred houses. Whatever I didn't get to that day I would try the next day. So, I get going on my task and there is nobody there. It was like all the houses were empty. I did however get one donation of one dollar on my first row of houses. I recorded the donation on a list and the donator signed to confirm it. I put that dollar in my right pocket of my pants and continue on, not thinking of it.

A few hours later and I was halfway through my house list, with maybe 5% of the houses actually appearing that someone lived in them and only three people having answered their doors. I reached my hand inside my pocket and the dollar was gone. I swore on my life that I put that dollar in my pocket. I wasn't hallucinating, I wasn't nuts, I put that dollar in my pocket and there was literally no chance at all that the dollar could've fallen out. I checked all of my pockets anyways although I was damn sure of where I put it. The dollar was gone.

I continued through the list and then I even backtracked, losing thirty minutes, in order to make sure that I didn't drop the dollar on the sidewalk. Didn't find it. When the company van came to pick me up and take me back to Hollywood the dollar mysteriously appeared in my pocket, precisely where I placed it and I was able to give it to the supervisor that collected our donations.

This mystery of objects disappearing and returning would happen numerous times after that incident, but I am not able to remember specific cases with all of the details. One such time was when there was a ten-dollar bill missing in my wallet and then several hours later it was in my wallet once again. There was no chance that anyone other than me accessed my wallet between the times of that bill missing and that bill returning.

The next disappearing incidents all happened in Las Vegas, Nevada between 2013 and 2018.

2015, Las Vegas
Late Summer.

A lot of mysterious things happen in Las Vegas. At this particular location there is a huge park across from a bus stop, this was in western Las Vegas. I frequented the area; spotting shooting stars and some strange military craft being taken for a test flight. At that bus stop the nearest building is about 30-40 yards away, so, quite a distance to reach some sort of cover. So, I'm standing there waiting for this bus and someone walks over to the bus stop to catch the same bus. He's acting sketchy and walks around to the side of the bus shelter that is made of clear see-through plexiglass and stands there. I step forward to the curb and look up the road to see if the bus was on its way. This action took a few seconds. I then turned around and took the two steps it took back under the bus shelter and the person that was standing there a second ago is gone. I looked around and he was gone. There is no way he could have gone fast enough to reach a building or something else that was possible to hide behind. And if he did try and run that far that fast I would've heard his feet hitting the pavement. For him to escape my sight within less than 5 seconds would be impossible. He didn't return and I even looked around. In addition to that the next year when they replaced that particular bus shelter they installed three identical bus shelters in a row and you know I never once at all ever saw enough people waiting there to call for a need of that many bus shelters. Some of the busiest parts of Las Vegas only have one bus shelter.

2017, Las Vegas

Most residential areas in Las Vegas are walled in from the main traffic routes, so that when you are driving somewhere all you see are walls. The location of these incidents was a section of road about a mile or so long with particularly high walls that would be near impossible for anyone to get over without a ladder or some other equipment. These cement walls are a good 15 feet high. Along the walls there are indentations, little squares where the wall cuts in to allow for a breaker box that is usually built on a raised cement platform. Even if you got on top of these boxes on that stretch of wall, you wouldn't be able to reach the top of the wall no matter how tall you were.

I was walking that road when someone in a hurry on the opposite sidewalk went up on the rocks beneath the wall maybe around half a block ahead of me. I was going to cross the road and looked the other direction to check traffic and when I crossed I noticed he was gone. It was another one of those "too far to the nearest hiding place to disappear" incidents. He was probably the same height or shorter than me and these walls were more than twice my height, maybe three times my height.

During that period of time near the end of 2017 I would see this happen three times on that stretch of road. One of those times there was a large box inside the square notch, and someone walked into there. It was possible to hide behind that box and I thought maybe he did. Then this eerie feeling that he disappeared overwhelmed me so I looked behind the box to make sure and he was gone.

Las Vegas

There's plenty of strange aircraft that fly above Las Vegas during the daytime. If you watch the skies enough you'll see a lot of interesting things. It's safe to say that many if not most of those strange aircraft are government operated test planes with the air force base on the edge of town and the other bases in the desert right outside of Vegas.

I've seen a good number of planes vanish there. Too many to count. There would be no clouds and perfect visibility. These aren't planes that are flying so high that they simply disappear due to distance. These planes would be flying at low to mid altitudes where you can make out their shapes. I've seen them vanish while watching them and when this happens your mind trips up and your natural inclination is that you lost track of it, but truth is you didn't turn your sight from the plane and suddenly its gone. Part of that confusion is that the disappearance wasn't accompanied with a flash or explosion or some other phenomenon. The plane simply vanished and your mind couldn't find a reason.

Las Vegas
Late summer 2018

I was riding a bus to the lesser populated west end of Las Vegas and looked out the left side window. It was a nice sunny day with perfect visibility. Above the tree line there was this large black shape. It was an irregular shape and appeared to be hanging in the air at an angle.

My first thought was blimp, but it was too irregular to be a blimp, I also thought that it could be an inflatable thing but there were no ropes attached to it. Decided distance and size was difficult because it wasn't reflecting light and it looked solid. The bus was slow and I kept my sight on the object even while the trees kept getting in the way. I tracked it for around 10 minutes before I lost sight. When I finally got to a location where I could see the object from a clear vantage point, it was gone. The bus was going uphill, so, seeing across the Las Vegas valley from my location, I would be able to see any low flying craft.

This object in hindsight appeared to be larger than a passenger jet and at least a couple miles away from my initial location. If the object were very close and say, an inflated device in someone's back yard, then it would have quickly disappeared as my bus went further up the hill. Truth is the object was large enough and far enough away that through 10 minutes of travel it stayed the same size and didn't shift much in the way of the angle I needed to turn my head at to see it. Another fact of note was the total lack of aircraft in the airspace above Las Vegas when I reached a proper viewing location (20 minutes following the initial sighting.) There is almost always something flying around Las Vegas during the daytime. So I wonder if the object was considered dangerous and pilots were warned to avoid flying at that time.

That completes my working memory of paranormal disappearances. This might not be complete and the dates aren't accurate but this account provides my best overview of my experiences in relation to this mystery.

I would also like to say that the majority of people aren't that observant and in several incidents of sighting flying saucers, a large number of them in one incident, I was in an urban area within a crowd of people. I was the only person to notice and when I said to them, "Hey look, there's twenty flying saucers!" only a few of them looked. My guess is that most of these things go completely unnoticed even in the most densely populated places.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Nathanial finished writing his report at 7:30pm and decided to get cleaned up and take a shower before he was taken to the cafeteria for dinner.
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