Liberals Should Admit Their Party Is Full of A Lot of LOSERS


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Aug 4, 2015
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Barry and Hillary made a huge deal about Trump declaring he would wait and see before accepting any election results. Liberals demonized him for it.

And what are we seeing now after Trump won the election?

A bunch of anti-American, hypocritical, violent, racist LOSERS burning the American flag, marching and declaring 'He's not my President', and even calling for Trump's death / assassination!

What happened to 'accept the outcome with grace, class, and respect'? These liberal LOSERS just don't have those traits within them.

BTW, according to liberal logic, all these minorites marching and chanting Trump isn't their President are RACISTS!

Liberals decried opposition to Obama's Presidency was not disagreement with ideas or policies - if you opposed Obama (and you were white) you were / are RACIST. Now that we have minorities marching distespectfully against Trump - burning flags and calling for his death - according to liberals there can be only 1 reason why:

The RACIST sect of the Democratic party ate opposing and attacking the WHITE President.

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