Lets hold Democrats accountable


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Jun 25, 2010
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On the way to the Dark Tower.
Democrats don't do accountability.
No accountability are you serious ???

There is nothing you can complain about at all unless Biden:

1. Starts 2 big wars that he can't win resulting in Trillions of dollars of wasted and lost tax payer money and complete Mid East turmoil.
2. Fails to properly respond to a massive disaster from an extremely large hurricane.
Presides over the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression (and he inherited a balanced budget...)
3. Turns a projected budget surplus into a huge budget deficit
4. Refers to White Supremacists as "Good People"
5. Uses government sanctioned defense aid as leverage to try and smear political opponents
6. Jill Biden says "fuck Christmas" on tape
7. Admits to Bob Woodward on tape, that he knows the impending major health crisis is extremely deadly and very contagious, THEN lies to the American people telling them "This is nothing" "It will all go away" "It's the flu"
8. Completely mismanages the biggest health crisis in US history
9. Completely mismanages the distribution of the vaccine to this crisis
10. Looses re-election and lies about voter fraud that did not happen, with all the courts in America ruling there was no evidence of fraud
11. Incites a riot at the nations Capitol building because of the fabricated lies about election fraud
12. Loses 3 million jobs

The GOP is the party of total failure, you are in position to criticize.
You sure are gullible.

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