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Latvia announces four weeks of lockdown as punishment for low 'vaccination' rates.


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Sep 19, 2008
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Brooklyn, NYC
Only completely imbeciles believe governments care for your health.
Only 'vaccination' matters!
There are no virus, no many Covid- deaths, only the fake PCR 'tests' which are positive if CT is higher as 17.
No jab, no job, lockdown only.
Guess what happens everywhere in the West soon.
Lockdowns again as strafe for 'vaccination' or buster 'jabs' resistance.
Idiots, satanists want to 'jab' everyone and kill us all, don't believe presstitutes.
Biden, Putin, Macron, Gates, Fauci and all another Corona criminals shall be put to tribunals.

RIGA, Oct 18 (Reuters) - Latvia announced a COVID-19 lockdown from Oct. 21 until Nov. 15 to try to slow a spike in infections in one of the least vaccinated European Union countries.


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