Latest M. Night Shayamalananannananan (oh forget it) movie trailer dropped. Trap


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Nov 21, 2021
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His movies really are all over the place, but you have to give him credit for one thing. At least they're original instead of the typical recycled Hollywood filler.

That said the standards are so low with the recycled shit from hollywood that his movies get me to watch them because they are at least different.

Merrill…swing away. ;)


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He should just write scripts and screenplays.

He has good ideas but almost always mucks it up when directing. His biggest problem is his characters are always this extremely tight, narrow vision where they can only be this one specific thing. He doesn't know how to direct people at all.

Just watched old, it was a great idea and was very interesting. But man the characters were just awful. Everyone was this one specific thing personified and the audience constantly reminded they were this one thing. Like they are all dying and the woman is always saying "I'm a psychologist and we should talk about what we're feeling" or someone gets hurt and the guy has to constantly remind them he is a nurse, the other guy is a statician and his only contribution was telling the others what the odds of something is.

Or knock at the cabin was ok but it all boiled down to them all being stereotypes that have to really portray their trait constantly. The overly loving gay couples with their adopted cute Asian doctor, all the other people talked about their jobs but didn't do or say anything to make them see like people. They were all only gay, a teacher, a salesman and so on.

All of his movies just make think "man this could have been really good, I know there is a good movie buried in here somewhere".
Ugh I just watched it and they blew a major spoiler in the trailer. They should have framed it differently so when people go to see it they go in without knowing it.

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