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Lake Superior


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Jan 17, 2013
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The cold north
I want ice out to come now, but it is currently -10.
N IL snowmobilers are climaxing over the snow cover. Best trails in years, they say.
We have been passed by every snowstorm that went south of us. Just bitter cold. My snowmobile sits in backyard as the trails suck statewide with minimal grooming. Maybe 4-5 inches in my yard.

Street Juice

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Aug 15, 2018
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Duluth Harbor
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From Superior WI.
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Duluth lift bridge.
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Duluth at night from Spirit Mountain ski hills.

Drive through Duluth every year going on 40, on my way to Minnesota/Ontario.
Your avatar is apt. You must be confused. Minnesota lies westward from Duluth and Ontario is east of Duluth. You couldn't drive through Duluth on your way to both.

Uh, check a map. You cross the bridge from Superior, WI, into Duluth, Minnesota, ie, Duluth is in Minnesota. That's 53 North which goes straight to International Falls, MN and then across the border to Fort Francis, Ontario, from which I normally head to Dryden for an overnight and stock up, then up to the Perrault Falls area where I fish multiple lakes and have been for decades.

I spent the summers as a kid about an hour south of that border crossing on a lake off 53 and have fished that same lake for my entire life, could make that drive in my sleep and know exactly where stuff is, but thanks for the geography lesson. lol.
Well, I grew up listening to CKY and CKRC, which are Winnipeg radio stations, and I happen to know Winnipeg is in Manitoba. I also once rode in an ambulance in Superior. I asked them to put the siren on because I was a little kid, and they did, but only for a little while because it was the middle of the night and people around there are considerate of others. I'll bet you've never ridden in an ambulance in Superior. I also once sang The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald in a karaoke bar. Have you?

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