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Kyle Beach identifies himself as John Doe in Chicago Blackhawks scandal


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Aug 6, 2012
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This controversy is still ongoing with interviews and meetings. The $2M fine that the NHL hit Chicago with should speak volumes.

An all-too frequent story of another Canadian kid being abused by someone in authority. This time by an American coach, though many of the protectors of the perp were Canadian (not surprisingly).

He had the courage to speak out. If the Blawkhawks had done the same in 2010, another kid in 2013 who was also abused by this creep may not have been.

Kyle Beach has identified himself as one of the victims alleging he was sexually assaulted by a former Chicago Blackhawks video coach.

Beach, who was identified as John Doe in legal filings, revealed his identity in an interview with TSN's Rick Westhead on Wednesday night. The accusations have not been heard or proven in court.

"I’ve suppressed this memory and buried this memory to chase my dreams and pursue the career that I loved and the game that I love of hockey," Beach said. "And the healing process is just beginning and yesterday was a huge step in that process. But until very recently, I did not talk about it, I did not discuss it, I didn’t think about it. And now that I’m beginning to heal, I begin to look back and it definitely had impacts on my life. I did stupid things, I acted out, I snapped … I did things that I never could imagine doing. I relied on alcohol, I relied on drugs and … I’m just so relieved with the news that came out yesterday, that I’ve been vindicated, and I can truly begin the healing process."

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