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Aug 16, 2011
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When the nuclear disaster grabbed attention, did the world forget the other part of what happened that fateful day?

KIMIN: JAPAN'S FORGOTTEN PEOPLE, the Story of Japan's Tsunami Refugees, is Now Available - BWWBooksWorld

"Kimin tells us how the worst natural disaster in the history of Japan became buried beneath an avalanche of reports exploiting apocalyptic nuclear accident scenarios and radiation fears. The E-book follows the chain of events in Tokyo that caused the world's Press to focus on the Fukushima accident at the expense of those who suffered the horrific aftermath of the tsunami. The plight of the 3/11/11 tsunami victims was the top news story in the world until the wee hours of March 12, when the nuclear accident at Fukushima Daiichi began. In less than a week, news of the tsunami's aftermath and the state of its surviving victims had virtually vanished from the world's Press, supplanted by the evolving nuclear crisis. The news media's disregard towards the tsunami victims continues to this day."

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