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Kasich Should Run For U.S. Senate!


Neutronium Member & truth speaker #StopBrandon
Nov 11, 2021
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Now a resident of a Red state! Hallelujah!
Former Ohio governor John Kasich should run for the Senate seat made open in 2022 by Rob Portman's retirement! The country needs a person like John Kasich in the Senate that seriously will reach across the aisle to Democrats and make agreements that will move the country forward in a smart way. Many politicians talk a good line about how they will be bipartisan but they don't walk the line Kasich will be a good one not one just full of rhetoric. The Federal government needs to spend more money to make America better but shouldn't do it the manner that progressive Democrats want where there is no restraint, no accountability and with their plan in eight years we're going to be talking about doing the same thing over again, Kasich understands this pitfall and will help America avoid it! Governor Kasich should give up on his goal to be President, he would be at least a very good one but he will never make it cause he doesn't have the charisma or for lack of a better word the coolness. The American people don't want in their President Billy Graham they want Billy Idol, people that understand government know that you need a Billy Graham to get the government to operate properly and succeed but that is beside the point. On the issue of electability, the American people want to be dazzled and charmed maybe because their desperate or maybe because there is that little kid in all or us that wants to believe in magic that this presidential candidate can dramatically transform America into what it should be; in any event Kasich just doesn't have the right stuff! Governor Kasich has just one drawback that I see to being a great Senator is his policy position on globalization; Kasich still believes in complete free trade that the entire world is just one big competitive zone where every business should expect competition from anywhere in the world and American businesses can succeed under this arrangement. These naive foolish views were okay for good politicians to believe pre-2000 but the jury is now in, this globalization model does not work. This cloud of globalization has brought devastation across America with countless small and big towns across the nation losing key companies to their communities to this flawed economic model and most importantly losing good middle class jobs these companies provided. The American people need to be done with the talk from politicians that we just need to get other countries to compete fairly if we do this it can be turned around the country has already paid too much of a price waiting for this empty promise, time has been up for a while on this issue. What we have today is like parents every day going to a casino and gambling the deed to their house sometimes they win, sometimes they lose but always it is incredibly foolish to make this gamble. To be a fully good politicians means that you stand with fully protecting the vast majority of domestic manufacturing and production industries in the United States; America's laws need to be such that America's executives can know that if they spend the large amount of money to build a business in America in the process creating good paying jobs it won't be wasted by foreign competition making the business unprofitable! To be a fully good politicians means that you believe that dramatic trade imbalance matters big time because those large amounts of money if government policies were prudent would be revenue for domestic companies in America providing good middle class incomes to Americans.

One could write a book about how this globalization economic model has abused America but two points come to mind about how America is losing in this deal. Man-made activity is damaging the climate causing weather pattern changes causing great harm to Americans. In the state of Florida home insurers are abandoning the industry or increasing the premiums they charge Floridians in a skyrocketing matter because the insurers have been taking a financial bath paying claims from the high number of bad hurricanes occurring. Washington politicians wisely are trying to reduce CO2 emissions from the power industry, the principal destroyer of the world's climate, by planning to spend a significant amount of money on solar energy. Now that should be great for American workers because someones got to make those solar panels and solar panel assemblies and America invented that technology so one would think America would have a robust solar panel industry. But no the solar panel industry in "China" provides eighty percent of America's solar panels; America could have had a robust solar panel industry GE a few years back wanted to make a big solar panel manufacturing plant, a big capital expenditure, but these stupid free trade agreements Washington politicians got the country into they allowed the authoritative Chinese government to manipulate things so Chinese solar panel manufacturers were able to dominate the solar panel manufacturing industries throughout the world. Early in the Covid 19 pandemic, the first half of 2020, it was repeatedly publicly mentioned how foreign countries made the raw material in many medicines the country would or could need to fight the pandemic and made many other vital medical products the country needed and might need to fight the pandemic and an abundance of politicians declared never again would America be unprepared and vulnerable like this. The pandemic is now coming to an end has anyone heard of legislation being prepared in Congress to insure these vital things are produced in America so future generations don't have to face such a crisis in the future that is right top executives and their lobbyists are not going to let this happen their money which globalization protects is more important than the American people's interests. If Governor Kasich wants to get on team America and help stop these stupid globalization policies emanating from Washington so the country can reliably permanently build a strong middle class and protect its interests he would make a star Senate player!
Kasich should fall into a lake of Fire-AIDS (to appropriate a term liberally stolen from a former member who disappeared, my old pal “Mal”).


Platinum Member
Dec 22, 2018
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Kasich has pursed his lips on leftist asses way too much to ever think he could jump back in
as a faux republican. (not that he does,,he's not that big a fool). Kasich is hardly "honest" at all.

He's a slimy opportunist in the mold of Joe Scarborough. MSNBC can only take in so many strays.
Sorry, Kasich.
He's not one of Trump's asseaters so he's not qualified.

Nothing new there.

Eric Arthur Blair

Diamond Member
Jul 21, 2015
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It's what fired up many democrats and independents and never Trumpers to vote, along with the belief Trump was and still is a loudmouth liar and crook! :)
Undoubtedly many people, like democrats and Never Trumpers, didn't like Trump because he
upset many invested in the status quo built up over decades by feather nesting politicians
and those that gained by the stacked deck such as businessmen, bureaucrats and other leeches that gain
by the Deep State edifice.
We shouldn't forget that, despite what you'd prefer to believe, many people are attracted to the America first populism of Trump.

Millions were unemployed during covid, and it gave people time to pay attention to politics, and politicians, and they didn't like, what they saw.

And absentee voting, along with other measures like drive through voting and 24 hour voting places, made it easier for registered citizens to vote, that were still working, or afraid of catching covid.
And those who are not registered or voting properly and legally.
Republicans do not want American citizens voting, because the higher the percentage of registered citizens voting, the less chance for Republicans winning. And also why they try to make it harder for legal, upright, American citizens to exercise their constitutional right to vote for their own leaders and representatives.
Republicans object to the left buying their votes, to a large degree, by making a large, and growing,
segment of America obligated to vote for whoever gives them the money sent in by other citizens,
who are not obligated to vote for the "bread and circuses" (recognized by early Roman emperors)
as the way to pacify and obligate the masses to support those same emperors and the politicians
that supported them.

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