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Aug 4, 2011
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(The non posted picture accompanying the link is worth the energy expenditure in clicking)

"Posted on September 18, 2011 by Steven Hayward

The Perfect Story

Ever since the best-selling book and the feature film, “the perfect storm” has become perhaps the most overused cliché of our time. So I try never to use it. But every so often there comes along its close analogue—the perfect story—that is, a piece of news that perfectly conveys several aspects of the truth of something in a very short space.

So todayÂ’s perfect story comes courtesy of the Huffington Post, with this story about an attorney in the New York Attorney GeneralÂ’s office who moonlights as a dominatrix. Turns out this particular public servant, Alisha Smith, was part of a large legal action against the Bank of America a few years back that extracted a $5 billion settlement from the bank. This is the perfect story because it combines several dominant (pardon the pun) strains of modern liberalism in a single person: it has lifestyle licentiousness (with a twist of feminism) alongside liberalismÂ’s economic authoritarianism. Whips and chains all around, but especially if you are a private sector entity that attracts the attention of aspiring pols in New YorkÂ’s political-legal hierarchy.

The only question left to consider here is where Ms. Smith was when Elliot Spitzer needed her"

The Perfect Story | Power Line

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