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John Ziegler's "Media Malpractice"


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Oct 6, 2008
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Brooklyn, NY
1. “Now the Hope That The American Public Has a Short Memory” Now the Hope That The American Public Has a Short Memory - Catherine Forsythe - Open Salon Actually, this Salon piece is about the debt deal, but it could be an appropriate title for the White House election committee…

2. And on that topic, I recently saw the John Ziegler film, “Media Malpractice,”…” 2009 film that turned the media narrative of the 2008 election on its head, played like a Rocky movie on crack to conservative audiences when it was released.”

3. Ziegler lays out the case against the news media who took sides in the last election, and the details of how they manipulated the electorate to perceive Barack Obama in a counterfactual manner. So, IÂ’m adding this review in the hope that everyone, especially those on the fence about the upcoming presidential election will get to see the film, and learn or recall how this election was stolen.

4. From a “Mediaite” interview: “…an updated version of Ziegler’s film is set to be re-released to retail stores, and will be available on demand to 80 million cable subscribers. …The new version of the film includes 45 minutes of updated material, including many of Ziegler’s haymaking interviews (complete with commentary),…

5. Ziegler says he was in talks with Vivendi-Universal to distribute the film, but the political climate at the time wasn’t right. “In Hollywood, you can take a chance on a liberal film all day long, but if you try and fail with a conservative film, you get fired.”

6. I do believe that Barack Obama may be getting more of the blame for the current economy than he actually deserves. I think it has a lot more to do with our attention span in this country, which has gotten dangerously short. I guess you could blame the media for that. Everything has shrunk. Two days is an eternity now, people have become incredibly impatient.

7. But I donÂ’t think you can say Obama has gotten negative coverage. No one jokes about him, the comedians are totally hands-off, which is what really destroyed George Bush and Sarah Palin. I think the media has lost some of its power to impact perception. When the economy is this bad for this long, people want someone to blame, and they blame the guy in power.

8. Mediaite: How do you respond to critics who say that your film is one-sided, that it ignores legitimate points in Barack ObamaÂ’s favor, while glossing over Sarah PalinÂ’s mistakes? JZ: Well, I would hope that it wouldnÂ’t be portrayed that way, but hereÂ’s how I would respond. After the mountain of positive President Obama, and negative Sarah Palin, coverage during the 2008 election and beyond, I really donÂ’t believe that the historical record is threatened by the fact that one less-than-two-hour film would take a look at the other side of that mountain. This film was about presenting a side of the story that the American people were never allowed to see.

9. What IÂ’d like to know is why, after two years, no one has been able to provide one example of a single inaccuracy in my film?

10. As for Barack Obama, I personally like the guy, and the film goes out of its way not to be personally critical of him, but of the unwarranted adulation… " ‘Media Malpractice’ Filmmaker John Ziegler on Film’s Wide Re-release | Mediaite

Love to hear from Obama voters who view the film...

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