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A show with a different angle...


Aug 18, 2011
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A show that takes shots at the left, what a change. It's called Dawiseguys

From the intro of the show you'll get the feeling this ain't going to be your typical mob show.

If you liked the Soprano's, loved the narration of Goodfellas and can't get enough of the twisting in the stories Law & Order does in each episode, you're gonna love this show.

A bitter Chicago mobster in witsec narrates stories from back in the day when he was one of Dawiseguys and holds no punches in his perspective of what's happening.

Filming in Chicago so you know there's no end in sight to the story lines of corruption and you know who's been in power in Illinois and Chicago for about 100 years so there'll be no shortage of 'assessments'.
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