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Jews funded and exploited Chinese slaves, typically massacre followed completion of labor, say historians

Street Juice

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Aug 15, 2018
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This is from an article about the 1918 "Spanish Flu", its origins in the US, the role of the US military in accidentally spreading it, and the attempts by Jewish historians to blame China. The "flu" was actually a viral bacteria that attacked people in their prime and killed 50 million worldwide--more than the Great War itself.

The Inevitable “Chinese Coolies”

There is one other aspect to this that requires mention: the attempt by some individuals to lay the blame for this event on China. The accusation itself is too stupid to warrant refuting, but I will briefly deal with it because it is one element of a large category of history that demands public revelation – that of Jewish slave trading.

The connection with this topic to the 1918 pandemic is the theory first promulgated by a Canadian historian named Mark Humphries from Canada’s Memorial University of Newfoundland who wrote that newly unearthed records confirm that one of the side stories of the war – the mobilization of 96,000 Chinese laborers to work behind the British and French lines on World War I’s Western Front – may have been the source of the pandemic. While Humphries acknowledges that his hypothesis awaits confirmation, the National Geographic couldn’t wait and, in an article written by Dan Vergano – they published the accusation as “about as close to a smoking gun as a historian is going to get”.

That wouldn’t be so bad, but this is only 1% of the picture of Chinese “laborers” working “behind the lines” at the oddest places in the world. It needs to be told that the International Jews responsible for China’s opium century – Rothschild, Sassoon, Kadoorie, Hardoon, and many more, were also responsible for kidnapping and transporting as slaves millions of Chinese from Fujian and Guangdong for at least 150 years – the reason we have Chinese all over the world.

Few are aware that the Panama Canal was built primarily by Chinese slaves kidnapped by Jewish slave traders and shipped to Central America. That is the reason that even today more than 10% of the population of Panama is Chinese. The same was true for the Great Panama Railroad, interestingly documented by tales that after completion all the Chinese committed suicide. The story was that once the Railroad was built, the Chinese ‘laborers’ began smoking opium and all killed themselves, some apparently by cutting off their own heads. As James Bond would say, “Well, that’s a neat trick”. I should point out that the symptoms of smoking opium are pacific, not violent, and nobody is likely to cut off their own heads, impale those same heads on a spike, or hang themselves with their own hair.

It was the same with the railroads in both Canada and the US, where (as with the HSBC bank) the names were Scottish but the money was all Jewish, and countless thousands of Chinese were kidnapped and sent to North America to build the railroads for their Jewish friends – after which most were massacred.

The connection with the 1918 pandemic is the approximately 150,000 Chinese “laborers” who “voluntarily” went from Shandong to Europe to assist in the war effort. This by itself is ridiculous. The Chinese in Shandong had enough trouble with the Jews selling opium and the Japanese gobbling up their country to care about some stupid war halfway around the world. What happened was that the International Jews had infiltrated themselves so thoroughly into China that they controlled Chiang Kai-Shek and more importantly Harvard-educated T. V. Soong and, after establishing a Rothschild-owned Central Bank, were in the process of looting every penny from China. In the midst of this, and with the war now a reality, they prevailed upon Chiang and Soong to kidnap yet more Chinese to be used as slave labor and cannon fodder for their war in Europe. Chiang obliged, and the Chinese citizens were forcibly conscripted as always.

They were sent first to Canada, transported across the country to the Atlantic, then shipped to Europe where nearly all of them died. This is the issue. “Historians” (primarily Jewish) have suddenly discovered that the Chinese who were shipped to Canada and Europe came not only with their luggage but with the “Spanish flu”, ready to infect the world. The documented evidence is of course non-existent but then Jewish historical novels seldom rely on evidence. One Jewish historian tells us that at the time China was suffering from something that “just must have been” the Spanish flu, with at least 150 miles along the Great Wall suffering from this infection. Well, Beijing is like every other cold climate in the world in that we will find colds and the flu in winter, so nothing special here. But what we actually had was one Chinese at mile zero, one at mile 150 and one at mile 300, and thus we have infected Chinese for at least 300 miles.

The next part tells us that when the “infected” Chinese were in Canada waiting for transportation to Europe, they were housed in internment camps “surrounded by barbed wire”. Even worse, while on the 8,000 Km. train trip across Canada, their carriages were locked to protect them from “anti-Chinese sentiment”. That’s cute. Would this be like the American Wild West, where gangs of marauding Canadians would be mounted on horseback and chasing down trains so they could mount them and beat up the hated Chinese passengers? There was no anti-Chinese sentiment extant to justify such outrageous measures. The Chinese were indeed in locked carriages, and for the same reason they were in internment camps with barbed wire – so the ungrateful kidnapped slaves couldn’t escape.

The theory is further embellished that many of the kidnapped Chinese were ill, conveniently with the Spanish flu, and thus carried it from the Great Wall to Europe. No indication of how it migrated to Fort Riley. And of course, the reason the Spanish flu didn’t affect China was because all Chinese had already been infected and were immune. I was always a fan of Science Fiction, but it occurs to me that Medical Fiction may be even more exciting.

There is so much effort today to attribute the ‘Spanish flu’ to the Chinese – by Jewish historians – as there also is to attribute Europe’s Bubonic Plague to the Chinese – by the same Jewish historians. This really needs to end, and the best method is to name and identify all those responsible. Perhaps the time has finally arrived for the world to know the truth of a great many things.

The 1918 Rockefeller-US Army Worldwide Pandemic

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