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Jay Z Laughs Off News Reporter's "14-Year Drug Dealer" Jab With Taxstone


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Jul 11, 2015
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Jay Z Laughs Off News Reporter's

During the 80s-90s I was one of hundreds of Brooklyn cops and investigators who loved/hated young *Shawn 'Jay Z' Carter's* 24/7 drug operation, manned mostly by other depressed angry, frustrated, emotionally disturbed teens and young adults who were emotionally abandon, neglected and/or maltreated by their primary maternal caregivers during a critical period of their childhood development.

Thanks to a significant population of grossly immature Brooklyn moms who WILLFULLY IGNORED their parental duty and obligations to their children, as well as their moral duty and responsibility to their neighbors and community to raise and nurture fairly happy kids who mature into reasonably responsible, fairly happy teens and adults, young Shawn and his crew were free to engage in all sorts of nasty fun activities including selling highly addictive drugs to his depressed neighbors regardless of their age, emotional and/or physical condition. As well as actively using their *semi-automatic 'Mack Millis'* to stave off armed, emotionally disturbed competitors from the nearby Tompkins and Lafayette Houses.

Thanks to Shawn and many of his crew being emotionally neglected and abandon by their apathetic primary MATERNAL caregivers, hundreds of thousands of dollars in police overtime were generated while investigating the murders, shootings and armed and forcible robberies resulting from the drug activity Shawn joyously raps about.

Today I have to chuckle/grimace when I learn a highly educated American elected to lead our country and keep us safe, holds beliefs that drug dealers are non-violent felons.

Much of the gun violence or aftermath of gun violence I witnessed was committed against peaceful Brooklyn residents emotionally terrorized and/or physically injured (or worse) by depressed people needing funds to purchase the mind-numbing, people and community harming drug product Shawn and his OGs offered them.

Many peaceful Brooklyn residents also experienced the paralyzing horror of gun violence when drug turf wars erupted and Shawn's 'Mack Milli' began blazing away, indiscriminately taking out whomever got in the way. All while terrorizing peaceful people, including me and most all the officers who signed up to be cops, not soldiers in a Chiraq type war zone populated by depressed, angry, frustrated unpredictable, undisciplined, sometimes suicidal *(NY Times May 18, 2015 - Rise in Suicide by Black Children Surprises Researchers)* teens and adults full of rage and resentment for being introduced to a life of pain and struggle by their irresponsible maternal caregiver.

Yup, many Brooklyn cops loved the OT Shawn "Jay Z" Carter generated.

However, being mostly well adjusted people raised to embrace compassion, empathy and respect for our fellow man, many cops hated seeing the emotional pain and physical damage (or worse) Shawn and his crew caused to mostly peaceful people already struggling to get by.

As much as I enjoyed the overtime checks, witnessing the human damage poison drug peddlers like Shawn did to people in this community, day after day witnessing infants, toddlers, children and teens suffer abuse/neglect or maltreatment while being raised by "living wild" (Kendrick Lamar's characterization of his Violent Felon family member's lifestyle) moms and/or dads, or drug addicted moms raising depressed kids much like Tupac Shakur, Freddie Gray or Baltimore Mom of The Year's teen son Michael, becomes extremely emotionally debilitating for most people raised and nurtured to respect ALL life.

Somehow I managed to last nearly a dozen years before constantly witnessing the emotional and physical harm suffered by peaceful people at the hands of depressed, poorly or unsupervised teens and adults much like Shawn Jay Z Carter, eventually wore me down to the point where concerns for my physical and emotional well being told me it was time to request a transfer to a more stable community.

Frankly, while I despise the 'people and community' harming activities he raps/speaks about engaging in, I feel sorry for *Shawn Jay Z Carter* and all victims of child abuse/neglect.

Especially for child victims of abuse and emotional neglect living in communities with significant populations of abused and neglected children where the Street Life offers them more comfort than their family life.

Sadly, Shawn has consciously decided to profit from promoting and perpetuating the Madness by writing and producing raps about the Gangsta lifestyle instead making amends for his violent past that harmed countless numbers of his struggling and peaceful African American neighbors.
Peace & Prayers for Julie Dombo & Countless Innocent Victims of American Gun Violence



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