James Biden Admits There is No Loan Documentation for the $200,000 ‘Loan Repayment’ Made to Joe Biden in 2018

You don't document bribes. Somebody needs to go to jail.

Be careful of what U say on USMB or;

1) The FCC may Blackball our site.

2) The criminal justice system may tag U with a defamation charge.

3) U will fall down an exterior 3 story tall steel fire escape 27 times in under an hour.

The statist left sez; "We are not against free speech, as long as we control the content of free speech!"
There’s no “loan agreement “

There seldom is in private loans. I have loaned my son money with no paperwork.

Millions of people have

But there is records of a wire transfer from a lawyer’s trust account to James Biden

For the exact amount of money that was repaid by check to Joe Biden

Fail again

Um, it's 200K dollars for a "business loan". Compare and contrast to $500 you loan your son for new tires.

If I loaned my brother 200K, fuck even 100K, damn straight there's a plan to back it up, and we have more integrity than any Xiden.
So Joe wants to avoid paying taxes but he wants to impose more and higher taxes on us?

And isn’t this ploy exactly what people on the left hate about the rich?

Make shit up elsewhere you...

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You don't always document a quick loan to your brother.
Bullshit. You do have to document and report it to the IRS when it's that kind of money.

"Before you extend a loan to family, however, be aware that it's not as simple as just writing a check. The IRS mandates that any loan between family members be made with a signed written agreement, a fixed repayment schedule, and a minimum interest rate. (The IRS publishes Applicable Federal Rates"
There’s record of the wire transfer from his lawyer to James Biden

We’ve been through this
where is the record of the check for 200 grand that Joe loaned to his brother ? or did Joe handover a briefcase full of cash to his brother ?

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