James Biden Admits There is No Loan Documentation for the $200,000 ‘Loan Repayment’ Made to Joe Biden in 2018

This is very recursive logic. The money is a scandal because they lied about it. You know it’s a lie because it’s a scandal. The scandal is that they lied about it.

Round and round you go.
Not exactly, but nice try.

It’s scandalous that so many powerful US officials do this.

Thanks to Hunter’s laptop, we got a glimpse into just how systematic the purchase of influence is in that family.

But that’s when the systematic lying stared, which is another scandal. The cover-up is often worse than the crime.

When the Watergate burglars were arrested, Nixon tried to get the CIA to claim it was their operation and ask the press to keep a lid on it. In spite of veiled threats, the CIA flatly refused.

That was then.

For the laptop scandal, US intelligence eagerly jumped on the cover-up bandwagon. The FBI’s counterintelligence Stonewalled it. They told the media the lie that the Russians were about to put out false information to create a scandal. They even ran drills for the media in which fictitious Russians provided false information about Hunter Biden.

Then, “former intelligence officials“ falsely claimed that the laptop was Russian disinformation. The FBI Director now refuses to answer questions about it, citing an ongoing investigation. This after they first refused to investigate at all.

That is the true scandal. How willing our government at many levels is to lie to us, to hide information from us, and attack us through the legal system. All in order to maintain the stranglehold That the twoparties has on our countries government.

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