It's time to clean house in the middle east


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May 18, 2011
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Merritt Island, FL
A new ideal military offensive should happen because our past efforts have failed and the war on terror has hit us at home, hurting our liberties. It's time to bring the terror to the terrorists.

Situation: Iraq and Afghanistan are seeing surges in extremist activity and it has been confirmed that Fallujah has become an Al-Qaida stronghold again, after cleaning out the entire city door to door nearly a decade ago. Other points of iraq have also been compromised as security forces have failed. The new offensive will simply be to pinpoint and exterminate. Drones should be put on standby and the country shall be sweeped through every square click (kilometer in military). All parties deemed hostile are to be destroyed on the spot.

Afghanistan will undergo the same policies.

Military convoys are to start at the north and south points of the country (majority of boots will be focused on more densly populated areas) while smaller, long ranged convoys will work in a parralell line to sout for any settlement to inspect. Any parties deemed hostile will be dealt with, disarmed, and exterminated. Drones will be on standby 24/7 for all convoys ready to scout and/or strike when commanded to do so. Expected completition time will be 1 month and phase 2 will begin.

Phase 2 will be to secure the borders with an cheap, yet advanced fence that can detect when and where it has been compromised and will be overwatched by drones for any potential threats and to take action when nessecary, to prevent enemy combatitants and arms from entering the country. Expected completion time will be 1-2 weeks.

Phase 3 will launch once the borders are secure and will setup a puppet government that will be instructed and run by us. NO EXCEPTIONS. (expected time of completion: 1-2 weeks)

with the borders secure, a security force will be formed and commanded by UN forces and they will take over from there, under UN watch.

This cheap, straightforward plan will save us trillions and be complete in a few months compared to our mess in iraq that took years.
Afghanistan will undergo the same 3 phases with increased drone support as moutain-laden combatants will be exterminated. There will be emphasis on securing the border with pakistan (which has areas that are un-controlled by the government because the extremist forces have control there) and assembled UN forces will scout mountain areas and borders.

Our work does not stop there. We will further clean house where the rest of the terror exists, extending to northern africa.

Forces will re-group and scout Oman and Yemen and work with saudi arabia to destroy terror groups. From there, forces will go on to scout and exterminate rebels in Egypt and then move on to libya.

The nations in the northern african continent will be dealt with in the following order (and some will not require the secure of borders and a replacement government, meaning we can just move onto the next nation)

(Order from left to right)

Egypt, Libya, Tunis, Algeria, Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Chad, Sudan, Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia, Etheopia, South Sudan, Central African Republic, Nigeria, and Cameroon.

Following the offensive in these nations, we will continue on southward to the congo and end the mess there while we are at it until we hit countries that are not siezed with the unrest. The southwestern part of africa will be dealt with following the offensive and then we will work on stablizing security and then work on developing the nations with the UN in control. Only the offensives will cost us and it will be cheap compared to our war on terror with the reduced amount of troops we will use (less than 1/3 than what we had in iraq and afghanistan) and our tactics through drone use will keep us moving without the need of having to stay put in an area or going back to another area. Progress will be kept being made.

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