Israel's War Against Hamas - Updates

RE: Israel's War Against Hamas - Updates
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I preface this commentary with the point that = It is not a decision for me, for the US, and especially for the UN to make.

What is clear in this analogy:

A group of heavily armed thugs have broken into your home.
The armed thugs have wounded members of your family.
The armed thugs have killed a member of your family.
The armed thugs have taken members of your family hostage.
  1. You have fought the armed thugs out of your home.
  2. The Law Enforcement apparatus failed to respond.
  3. You are in hot pursuit of the Armed thugs who still have hostages and the remains of the hostages they are using as shields and bargaining chips.
  4. You have the armed thugs cornered.
  5. Your objectives are:
  • Rescue the hostages (if possible).
  • Disarm the armed thugs.
  • Dismantle the thug organization.
  • Take into custody the leaders of the armed thugs.
Now, all manner of the community:
  • All manner of the community comes to the aid of the armed thugs,
  • All manner of the community (including the courts and law enforcement) are trying to insinuate themselves (some in a very insidious way) into the peace process that has allowed the armed thugs to remain active for more than 30 years.
  • All members of the community are coming forth in favor of a peace process that benefits the armed thugs and will allow them to reconstitute the thug organization.
Where have the right to defend against and pursue lawbreakers?


Most Respectfully,

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